Allpress Barista Training and Workshops

Our professional barista training programs and support are designed to develop your team and support your business as you grow.

Exceptional coffee isn’t enough to run a successful café business. Whether you’re starting fresh in the coffee world or you’re a seasoned coffee veteran, Barista Training is an essential tool to take any café business to the next level; and we just so happen to have the best Trainers in-house.

Our Team of Trainers

Allpress trainers have spent years growing in the café environment. They have a deep understanding of our coffee and the importance of building consistency into every café business. Understanding the challenges that new and experienced baristas face means they not only have deep empathy for baristas, but also have the first-hand knowledge and skills to efficiently operate in a fast-paced café environment.  

Training Facilities

Beautiful espresso and Iconic Flavour are only achieved through skilled preparation. Each of our Allpress sites has dedicated training facilities for learning the basics of espresso and exploring the possibilities of flavour within coffee. Practical, in-depth classes teach the fundamentals to benefit both new and experienced baristas, with on-going training designed to cater to the specific needs of your café or business.

On Site Training

For our friends brewing further afield, our training team make their way to you on a scheduled basis for that important face-to-face training. Regional on-site training can be performed in your café, on your own equipment and is tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Barista Training Programs

Perfect Cup Class

Our Perfect Cup workshop is an espresso course for staff to master the coffee basics; it is an introduction to Allpress and how to achieve the best flavour from your coffee. Exploring roast methods, ratios and recipes, handle prep, extraction, grind adjustments and equipment maintenance, staff leave with knowledge and confidence for working in a busy cafe. This is everything a barista will need to understand Allpress and brew our coffee.

Milk Workshop

Beyond the Perfect Cup, our Milk Workshop revisits and advances on all aspects of espresso preparation, with an emphasis on critiquing milk steaming skills using different style milks, pouring techniques, systems and workflow. Skillfully pouring milk is the difference between an underwhelming cup and a day changing brew. Our in-house Trainers can help with the inconsistencies between each cup.

Diagnostics and Sensory Training

Reserved for experienced staff members, these professional barista training workshops focus on recognising inconsistencies in espresso by drawing attention to spikes on the palette and expanding into full sensory development.

Barista Upskilling and Development

Staff retention keeps café owners up at night. Our entire training offering has been designed in-house to support staff retention through learning and development, keeping staff engaged and pursuing the Perfect Cup every time they’re behind the machine.

Our expert Trainers customise workshops to fit the needs of the business; focusing on workflow, speed and efficiency training to ensure all staff can calmly keep up with the pace of a busy café. Our full café training also covers technical aspects of machinery maintenance, ensuring everyone understands troubleshooting solutions to minimise machinery downtime.

Whatever stage your staff are at with their coffee knowledge, Barista Training at Allpress is focused on building quality and consistency in your business. Our professional barista training programs are designed to develop your team and support your business as you grow.

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