Allpress Espresso Local Import Partners - 2021

We work with local importers to source smaller lots of single origins for our blends and Our Coffee Galaxy. The following is a list of importers our regional teams worked with during 2021.

Current Importers

Ethical Practices of our partners:

Cafe Imports - Has a dedicated section on its website dedicated to promoting coffee produced by women and pays a premium from the coffee purchased back to the women’s co-ops. The co-ops then reinvest this money into the community. This project aims to promote gender equity in coffee.

Raw Material - An importer that does extensive work in the countries it buys from. They are driven by the goal of maximizing their impact and choose the countries they work in accordingly. Depending on the needs of those countries they build community-level partnerships, investing in coffee processing infrastructure, promoting organic coffee production, and raising coffee quality. Raw Material are focused on traceability and showing the pricing model for each region on their website. All profits are then reinvested into the work done at origin.

Falcon Coffees - Falcon source coffee from 26 countries and have a mission to provide their producer partners with access to financing, agronomy training, processing training, price risk management, market access, and logistics while providing coffee roasters with deep origin information, traceability to the farm level and supply chain data. Their local offices in producing countries work with farmers on environmental, social, and economic improvement. 

Indochina Coffee - Set up to bring high-quality specialty coffee from China, Myanmar, and The Philippines to market. Their co-founder, Christian worked in social justice prior to starting Indochina coffee, leading opium replacement projects in Southeast Asia where coffee was one of the crops that gave opium producers an economically viable alternative to illegal opium. Indochina coffee works with coffee producers in areas of Asia that are underrepresented in the specialty coffee market. Helping gain access to the market means higher prices for these producers and their communities.

D.R. Wakefield - A certified B Corp, D.R. Wakefield works to foster long-term partnerships with producers, providing financing to improve processing facilities and reinvesting social premiums into local projects. They have developed the D.R. Wakefield 1-2-1 programme which was established to connect roasters directly with producers. D.R. Wakefield also sell coffee that benefits the Cafe Feminino project - a charitable organisation that provides grants to women and their families in producing countries and promotes gender equity.