Allpress Coffee Shots - Classic Cold Coffee Recipes

We've got five quick and simple cold coffee recipes using our new Allpress Coffee Shots as a base. These delicious cold coffee drinks are guaranteed to keep you cool over the summer months.

Iced Black Coffee Recipe

This is a really simple recipe for a delicious cold coffee drink without needing a coffee machine.

You will need:

  • A tumbler glass

  • Ice cubes

  • 25mls Allpress Coffee Shots

  • Cold filtered water

Pour your Allpress Coffee shots over ice with cold filtered water and stir to mix. That's all there is to it. Alternatively, and if you're on the go you can pick up a pack of our Iced Black Coffee RTD's instead. Fresh, delicious and ready to drink!

Good Brew Soda Recipe

This simple summer recipe is great thirst quencher with notes of citrus fruits and caramel. A dash of maple syrup adds that extra kick of sweetness making the Good Brew soda similar to a delicious coffee cola.

You will need:

  • A Short Glass

  • Ice

  • 25mls Allpress Coffee Shots

  • 125mls Soda Water

  • Maple Syrup to taste

  • Orange Slices to garnish

Pour your Allpress Coffee shots and soda water over ice, add maple syrup to sweeten, and give it a stir. Add a few slices of orange to garnish and you have a Good Brew Soda.

Iced Latte Recipe

This easy-to-follow recipe is great for making a quick and simple Iced Latte, the perfect caffeine fuelled beverage to perk you up and cool you down over the summer.

You will need:

  • A tall glass

  • 5 ice cubes

  • 25mls Allpress Coffee Shots

  • 125mls Milk of your choice

  • Maple syrup to taste

Pour your Allpress Coffee shots over ice, add milk and a dash of maple syrup to taste, and give the whole thing a good stir. Easy!

Classic Espresso Martini Recipe

This recipe is great for making the perfect classic espresso martini without needing an espresso machine. It'll keep you going well into the night.

You will need:

  • A Martini Shaker

  • 25ml Allpress Coffee Shots

  • 50ml Coffee Liqueur

  • 25ml Vodka

  • Ice

  • Orange peel to garnish

Just pour your Allpress Coffee shots, Coffee Liqueur and Vodka into a martini shaker with a hand full of ice, give it a good shake and strain into your glass. Serves one.

Coffee Ice Cream Float Recipe

his nostalgic recipe for a float (AKA an ice cream spider) is the ultimate summer treat with a coffee twist.

You will need:

  • A tall glass

  • 125mls soda water

  • Maple syrup

  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

  • 25mls Allpress Coffee Shots

Add your soda water and maple syrup to the glass first to create your soda base. Add a large scoop of ice cream along with 25mls of Allpress Coffee Shots and gently stir until the concentrate is mixed in with your soda base and a nice foam has developed on the top of the drink. Enjoy!