An open letter in support of the Marriage Equality Vote in Australia

Dear all,

We have often talked values at Allpress and their importance in helping us make the right call when we are faced with a decision. Embedded in our values of sincerity and generosity is a belief in equality, regardless of our differences, for all people as part of our inclusive and open culture.

Australians are about to vote whether they believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, a right that is already recognised in NZ, UK and 23 other countries. There has been a lot of advertising in Australia against equality in this area, some of which is quite offensive, deliberately confusing and inflammatory.

I appreciate that some of you will have different views, which I truly respect, though as a company Allpress will be voicing public support that Australians should vote yes for marriage equality.

We understand that this is a change in approach and in the past we have stayed out of sharing our position in social matters, but we believe if we sit on the fence on this matter it is saying nothing to the bully.

From my own experiences as a young gay man in New Zealand, it meant you had to live with a certain amount of shame and fear. During the 1986 Law Reform in NZ, when gay decriminalisation happened, I saw a lot of hateful media. While things have moved on in so many positive ways some of what I am seeing in Australia from the ‘No’ campaign is worse.

Growing up, I never in a million years would have thought that same sex marriage would ever be a possibility and, while I’m not planning to marry anytime soon, I do believe that everyone should be granted the same respect, dignity and legal recognition to be able to marry who they love.

We, as a company and as individuals, have the power to make positive change and influence people in our community. Join us and show your support towards marriage equality.

We vote yes.

Sincerely yours,
Dean Liggins
Chief Executive of Allpress Espresso


More information on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey below /