Journey to B Corp

Over the next two years, Allpress will be working towards achieving our B Corp certification. This will build on the work we do now and help to support our future actions. 

As part of our B Corp journey, in 2022 we will be:

  • Certifying as carbon neutral in all of our regions. This is an important first step in measuring our carbon emissions, making reductions, and offsetting what we can’t reduce right away.

  • Publishing the first issue of our sustainability report. Our Sustainability Report will take a deep dive into where we are now and where we want to improve in the future. We’ll make this report available for everyone, so check back here towards the end of the year. 

There are many current initiatives that we are looking to build on, including solar panels and water capture at our roasteries, electric vehicles, zero-to-landfill roasteries, packaging innovation and recycling solutions for our products. Look out for our sustainability report for a full breakdown of our initiatives in our regions.