96 Kepos St, Redfern
New South Wales 2016


8am — 3pm
7 Days

The menu at Kepos Street Kitchen serves the kind of food and drinks that will keep you coming back for more — truly one of Sydney’s best suburban cafés.

Just off the main drag that is Bourke St, Redfern, you’ll find Kepos St Kitchen and its tables sitting on the quiet, leafy Kepos St. A café serving up some of the most impressive food you’ll find in the area. 

Owner and hatted chef Michael has a love for exquisite food and exceptional flavour. Kepos St Kitchen is the embodiment of that passion and is a haven for the food lovers of Redfern. Middle Eastern-inspired food, think spicy shakshuka and Moroccan lamb, paired with our Allpress Espresso Blend on the machine — this is not your typical café fare; it’s an institution pairing flavours from around the world.

Mike and the team have been using Allpress since 2017 in their corner site. A full café experience with indoor seating for Sydney’s cool winters, and outdoor seating to enjoy the most of the sunshine in summer. Catch the team brewing from 8 am, seven days a week.