Allpress x Modus Operandi - Hazy Espresso XPA

The Allpress AU team has always loved a can or two after work, but our area of expertise has always been coffee. We knew we needed the help of some heavy hitters to help us create something special to celebrate our new Allpress Coffee Shots, and we reckon we might have just pulled it off. Introducing the Hazy Espresso XPA.

Mention the name ‘Modus Operandi’ in any craft beer circles in Aus and you’ll see ears prick up.  Over the last five years our mates from Sydney’s Northern Beaches have won more gold medals than you can shake a stick at, so we were naturally thrilled they were keen to buddy up to help us create something new and inspiring. We set out with a clear goal - to elevate the classic coffee and beer colab and make something our respective communities hadn’t tasted before (most definitely not another coffee stout).

Heading into another hot Aussie summer we knew we wanted to make something refreshing and sessionable, so we worked with head brewer Luigi, infusing our coffee into everything from your traditional lager to your New England IPA. Turns out the fruity flavour profile of our Good Brew based Coffee Shots really shone in a Hazy XPA (a real hat trick from Luigi there). The tropical profile and juicy mouth feel was a clear winner from the get go, and that’s how the Hazy Espresso XPA was born.

For a limited time in Australia the Modus x Allpress Hazy Espresso XPA will be available in leading indie bottle shops around the country, online from Modus’ webstore and direct from the brewery.