Growing exceptional coffee is a complex challenge, and growing exceptional organic coffee is nothing short of a miracle. We're thrilled to welcome Browns Mill Organic to our UK coffee range.

What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is defined as coffee grown using no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production. Instead organic producers champion the use of natural fertilizers, like compost, different food pulps or animal by-products. From the farm, this exclusion of chemicals extends to the rest of the supply chain, including how our Roastery processes, stores, and packages the coffee once roasted.

Organic coffee is traceable from farm to cup because every stage of its journey is inspected and certified. This ensures the integrity of any product marketed as organic.


Why has it taken the UK longer to add this to our range? 

We started exploring adding Browns Mill Organic to our offering pre-pandemic, and paused during for obvious reasons. The certification process required us to completely rethink how we process and sell coffee in order to make each coffee fully traceable back to the farmer, and completely chemical free.

We now have a custom input and roast record system, batch identifiers, and in depth cleaning protocols where chemicals aren’t used to clean our Hot Air Roaster. Our Dalston Roastery team is now trained to handle, process, and package organic coffee to the Organic Food Federations’ high standards.

The Certification

The Organic Food Federation have over thirty years of experience in organic food certification and were able to tailor their approach to the unique challenges we faced with roasting organic coffee in Dalston Lane. We were able to work with the same officers to guide us through the entire process. Our friends at Monmouth are also certified with O.F.F and they couldn’t recommend them more. 

Introducing UK's Browns Mill Organic

The Browns Mill Organic is a blend made up of two origins: Peru El Oso and Honduras Guacamaya.

 A medium roast blend of certified organic coffees, well balanced and roasted to similar development as the Allpress Espresso Blend. Honduras Guacamaya brings gentle acidity with smooth body, look for notes of chocolate, stonefruit and raisin. Peru El Oso brings sweetness and citrus notes with moderate acidity to bring some complexity to the blend. 


Peru produces some of the best organic coffee in the world, and this special micro lot was specifically created to exhibit the very best of Peruvian coffee. The Frontera San Ignacio cooperative produced this delicious coffee for our Brown’s Mill Organic. Working with their members to create a consistent, high-scoring micro-lot, this coffee is produced organically to exhibit the same characteristics year on year. 

For the farmers, maintaining a presence within the cooperative means that even if their coffee is not used for this micro-lot, it is still sold to through the cooperative to other buyers. This way, the high-scoring micro-lot quality and flavour is maintained and the benefits of cooperative membership for the farmers in San Ignacio are kept intact. 

Honduras’ Las Guacamayas is a region within Corquin where a number of small holder farmers have started working with the Aruco Cooperative. This area is prized for its climate, fertile soils and ability to produce impressive specialty coffee. This coffee is also a combination of smaller lots, grouped together to produce a more economically viable lot size.  

Two phenomenal coffees blended with notes of chocolate, sweet stone fruit and raisins is a welcome addition to the Allpress UK offering. 

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