Fitzroy, VIC

Skull Trash Cafe

368 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
VIC 3065

A grunge altar in the heart of Fitzroy, Skull Trash is a haven from day to night for everyone passing through Melbourne’s inner east.

A space designed as the antithesis of Brunswick St’s busy nightlife, Skull Trash provides a calm space from the bustling world in Fitzroy’s centre. A specialty coffee and nourishment provider with true punk authenticity is what you’ll find inside this unique space. 

Our A.R.T. Espresso Roast has been served here from morning to late at night since opening in December 2021. For the milk coffee drinkers, you’ll find alternative milks including almond, oat and soy are served by default, while full cream will set you back some extra silver. Owner Switch firmly believes alternative milk is the way of the future and Skull Trash is committed to operating a welcoming and environmentally beneficial business in Fitzroy. 

The non-alcoholic bar provides indoor seating and a variety of healthy smoothies made with locally sourced ingredients for your morning starts. Late 70s punk and skate culture plaster the walls while rolling skate footage loops on tv; there's also a collection of limited edition prints from local artists for sale to support artists in the area.

Switch and the team open their doors at 8am seven days a week. Swing by to take a few minutes out of your day to truly slow down and appreciate this unique café in the heart of Fitzroy.