The Allpress Fund

Coffee is our platform for creating meaningful change. We support opportunities for better days in the communities we are most connected to.

In 2022 we launched the Allpress Fund, focusing our fundraising initiatives into two areas: supporting the coffee-growing communities where we source our coffee, and helping people who need a head start in the communities where we roast coffee.

How we raise Funds 

Recycle a Coffee Sack. 

All proceeds from the sale of our coffee sacks online or in store go to the Allpress Fund. As of 2021 we have raised $92,000AUD for charity from the sale of our coffee sacks. Click below to contribute to the Fund.

Charity coffees 

Each year we offer limited edition coffees that donate a portion of the revenue to charity. In 2022 those coffees are:

International Women’s Day Coffee.

Launching April, 2022

In support of off-season employment for members of the Rwanda Nziza Women’s Collective.


Launching June, 2022

In support of rural maternal and child health in Sumatra. Our 2020 coffee raised $17,000 AUD

Where the Allpress Funds go:

Community building at home

Our local initiatives are aimed at helping people, especially youth, in our local communities that need a leg up through education, work placements and training. Below are the current initiatives we support in the regions we operate in.

New Zealand

  • Ngā Rangatahi Toa - paid youth work placements at Allpress

  • Grace Foundation - hospitality training for the recently incarcerated


  • Street Smart - support for people experiencing homelessness.

  • Black Dog Institute - research and support services for mental health

  • Beyond Blue - support and services for anxiety, depression and suicide

  • World Vision - emergency relief, community development and advocacy around the world

United Kingdom

  • Hospitality Action - resources for out of work hospitality

  • Hotel School - hospitality training for people experiencing homelessness

Lasting impact at origin

Through the coffee we buy, we are closely connected to producers at origin and the communities around them. Supporting these communities with sustainable initiatives is an important way for us to nurture our long-term partnerships at origin. These are our current initiatives.

Rwanda Nziza Women’s Collective 

A group of 200 women - all single providers for their families - who produce exceptional coffee around Lake Kivu, Rwanda. Starting in 2022 we are deepening our impact by sending the profits of this coffee back to the collective through our International Women’s Day coffee. The Collective will use this money to provide employment in textile-making outside of the coffee harvest season.  In 2022, our International Women's Day coffee raised $11,767NZD


SurfAid works in areas of Sumatra where we buy coffee. We will be donating the profits of our limited edition coffee launching in June to SurfAid to support their work in maternal and child health in Sumatra. Our 2020 SurfAid coffee raised $17,000 AUD.