Hit the pavement with the Allpress UK Run Club

We know that there’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping up a morning run with a celebratory coffee and a pastry. That’s why we’re hosting Allpress Run Club, fostering a community of people who share a love for morning miles and great coffee.

At Allpress, we love to see people building relationships through a shared passion, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of the match made in heaven that is coffee and early morning runs. With the summer months fast approaching, our run clubs are the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, move your body, and share a finish line coffee with some great people when your foot lands back on Allpress ground.

What to expect

Our Allpress run clubs are socially paced and are suitable for runners of all abilities and paces. On the day you can expect to cover a distance of around 5km with an average duration of 30-40 minutes. For each run we’ll always have an expert from our partnering company leading the charge and setting the pace from the front of the pack as well as members of the Allpress team spread throughout the group to make sure no one gets left behind.

Kick off time for each run will range based on the location and route on the day but you can expect to hit the streets between 7:30 – 8:30 am, with meet up and bag drop at our cafes opening an hour before getting started. Be sure to check the details on the specific date of the event to confirm. Depending on the event, and who we are partnering with, we’ll have have shoes and other new running gear to try on during your run as well as a few spot prizes to give away at the end of each event.

After finishing your run, feel free to hang around as long as they like, we’ll have complimentary filter coffee as well and pastries for all of our runners after the event and our cafes will be open for service if you’re after something more substantial.

Introducing our partners

A key theme of our run clubs is to bring our communities together and build excitement and support you in whatever stage you’re at in your running journey. To do this we’re teaming up with leading pioneers in the running space to host exclusive activations at some of our meets. In the past we’ve hosted great partners like HOKA, Adidas, and Hylo Athletics to bring their expertise to the table and put their own spin on our events.

This has included coaching the group, showcasing their kit range and occasionally treating our runners with the opportunity to take to the streets and trial some of their new and exciting footwear and other running related kit, as well as just generally hyping us up at every point along the run. Our partnerships with these great sporting brands help us to ensure that these events are about giving people a chance to learn and further develop a passion for running. 

The routes

Our run clubs start and finish at our cafe spaces and are designed for runners of all skill levels and paces. Generally a 5k loop held at a social pace, each route will navigate the local area with considerations around runner safety and ensuring our group has the room to move without disrupting our local communities. Our routes do change from time to time in order to avoid morning pedestrian traffic and to keep things fresh. Details will always be posted to our social media before each event.

Where to grab details of our upcoming runs

The best way to keep yourself tuned in for our local events is to join our mailing list where we’ll be sharing details and sign up links for all of our upcoming runs. Alternatively you can follow us over on instagram at @allpressespressouk to ensure you’re up to date. For a glimpse at some of our upcoming run club events leading into the summer:


We’ll be hosting fortnightly run clubs 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Keep your eyes peeled for more details and join us at our café in the northern quarter and embark on a social paced 5k exploration of the city.


In the lead up to May’s Hackney half marathon, join us on May 17th for a special run club event hosted out of our Dalston Roastery. We’re partnering up with HOKA for this one so expect to see some of their innovative running gear featured as well as advice and expert tips from members of their team.

Early morning runs and Allpress coffee go hand in hand – don't miss out on the fun!