Surfing is close to the heart of our coffee company and we are proud to bring you this delicious coffee from long-time supplier Wahana Estate to celebrate 20 years of SurfAid.

SurfAid is a humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the health, well-being and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing — in particular, Sumatra.

Not wanting to settle for anything less than remarkable, we visited our long-term coffee partner Hendra Taruli late last year, to source the best coffee that Sumatra has to offer.

Elana Haldane, our Auckland Head of Production met with Hendra and Merryen from SurfAid to cup this delicious coffee. Anyone who has had the honour to visit origin knows that connecting over the cupping table with exporters and growers is much more valuable than an email or fax will ever be. Our purpose when we visit origin never changes; it’s about creating a personal connection, educating ourselves and inspecting farms. Watch the behind-the-scenes of Elana's time in Sumatra.

This single origin from Wahana Estate is a delicious way to do some good. Similar to SurfAid, Wahana Estate works with local communities to support education and improve crop yields and quality. Currently, they are running a program to hand out one million coffee plants to help farmers replace ageing trees.

This coffee is extra special — a natural-processed Rasuna Longberry grown on Hendra’s farm Wahana Estate. It’s sweet and full-bodied with hints of cherry, blackcurrant and chocolate. This is a limited-edition coffee with all profits going to SurfAid so grab a bag today.