55 Dalston Ln, Dalston
London E8 2NG
United Kingdom


8am — 4pm
Monday — Friday

9am — 4pm
Saturday — Sunday

We originally started roasting coffee on Redchurch St in 2010, but slowly outgrew the space. Thankfully, we found a spacious old joiner’s factory and after restoring the previously derelict building, it is now the perfect home for us in London.

We took great pleasure in bringing this working building back to life, and now it's our UK base for roasting, technical support, barista training and serving locals a damn good coffee. Here our work is designed to be seen — from loading the green bean silos to hand-packing our blends — every stage of the roasting process is on show for you to enjoy while you have your morning brew. No secrets - just us, for all to see.

The building itself is spacious and radiant with natural light, reflecting the character of our other spaces around the world. Just out of sight on the sawtooth roof we’ve fitted solar panels which power the Hot Air Roaster, coffee machines and everything in between.

The beating heart of Dalston Lane really is our Hot Air Roaster — A.R.T. III. Designed and built in New Zealand then shipped over to London to be reassembled — it’s a piece of art in itself. Our Hot Air Roaster allows meticulous temperature control and stability over each roast, elevating natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and the lasting flavour our coffee is known for.

In the café itself, we serve expertly prepared espresso and single origin filter brews. The food offering is simple with a selection of unique sandwiches, breakfast plates and canteen dishes for lunch.

If you’re heading off the beaten track, or just want to brew your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home — we can help you there too. Our freshly roasted blends are available to purchase and we can grind for whatever brew equipment you have on hand — be that a Chemex or pour-over, or a plunger that your nana gifted you years ago.