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Together we take risks, embrace vulnerability, show up beside each other and above all value our people, our brand and our coffee. We’re all about building an open environment that allows us to excite and inspire each other and those who we connect with every day of the week – this is how we manage to keep our business energetic, fresh and passionate after more than 25 years. As espresso specialists, we like to take a planned and considered approach to all that we do, ensuring every aspect of our brand encompasses our values. We’re a growing coffee business, spanning across the globe – from Christchurch to Brisbane, London to Tokyo. In all our local and global communities, we are united in our focus on caring about each other, our customers and believing in what we do. We need great people who will bring their ideas, talent and most importantly, their passion to our business. Are you in?

Dunedin, New Zealand

Café All-Rounder

London, United Kingdom

Roastery Cafe Manager

Auckland, New Zealand

Technical Team Administrator

Melbourne, Australia

Kitchen All-rounder

Auckland, New Zealand

Customer Care

Sydney, Australia

Roastery Assistant

Auckland, New Zealand

Technical Operations Manager

Auckland, New Zealand

Espresso Machine Technician