Coffee Roasters and Espresso Specialists ― Our Story

We roast coffee for the best independent cafés in the world, and your kitchen too.

Allpress Espresso is built on relationships and we strive to create partnerships with real people who share our values and strive for exceptional flavour. From growers, producers, exporters, café partners and local coffee enthusiasts – our success as a coffee roaster is down to the success of the people we partner with.

We exist to unite independent thinkers. We question convention and position ourselves against the ordinary. We seek real collaborations and partnerships with people who do the same. With a considered coffee range focused on quality and consistency, we’re lucky to have partnered with over 2,000 independent cafés brewing dependable morning rituals around the world.

You’ll find our spaces in the cultural hubs that connect the world, roasting and supplying specialty coffee to the world’s best independent cafés, events and local businesses - and your kitchen too.

We source the world's finest specialty coffee, roast with precision, and brew better days.

From being one of New Zealand’s first coffee carts in 1989 to roasting our own coffee in the back of a garage and supplying it around Auckland City, we’ve been working to deliver on our flavour promise since day one.

Now roasting specialty coffee in Auckland, Dunedin, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, and London, our signature flavour has become an icon, recognisable around the world.

Having designed our own hot air roaster from the ground up, today we seek new ways to deliver our flavour promise. From supplying local cafés to working with partners on limited-run collaborations, our flavour promise guarantees consistency and familiarity with the Allpress experience, whatever form it takes.