10 Years of Beers | Green Beacon x Allpress

We’ve been crafting the perfect espresso for over thirty years. And to remind us that there are a bunch of ways to enjoy our coffee, our mates at Green Beacon are up to their usual tricks.

The Green Beacon x Allpress collaboration is back to celebrate the Brisbane brewers’ tenth birthday! 

This year the team have challenged themselves with a Breakfast Stout infused with our crowd favourite A.R.T. Espresso Roast. After three renditions of sweet, big, bold dessert stouts (which packed an almighty punch), this brew is designed to be more like your morning coffee.

We caught up with the team to see what they’ve been up to for this limited run. 

"We started off with a hefty malt bill during the mash of amber, crystal and chocolate to give the beer its dark colour. This gave us a great foundation to build the 7.0% ABV, which we then complemented with oats and maple syrup.

We were looking for a full, creamy mouthfeel and a smooth, dry finish— we also threw in a few donuts for good luck. 

From the kettle, the beer was transferred to a fermenter, where the yeast is added, transforming the fermentable sugar into alcohol. After two weeks, we transferred to a fresh kettle using a technique unique to Green Beacon, where the beer ran through a giant teabag full of A.R.T. Espresso Roast and cinnamon. The teabag steeped for 24 hours before a final transfer to the brite tank where vanilla was added and the beer was carbonated and packaged!"

You can enjoy this limited brew on tap at Green Beacon’s Teneriffe brewery, or grab a few cans from their online store and at select retailers.