A new way to manage your Coffee Subscription

If you've purchased an Allpress coffee subscription after February 2024 you'll have access to our new management portal. Read on for our guide on everything you need to know about your managing your new coffee subscription.

How do Allpress coffee subscriptions work?

Coffee subscriptions are our way of taking the hassle out of your regular coffee order and making sure you always have a fresh roast on hand when you need it. Choose from our Flexible pay-as-you-go option or opt for a prepaid subscription and make one payment that's good for up to 26 coffee orders.


Which coffees are available?

All of our core blends and crowd favorites are available on subscription. This includes both fresh coffee and coffee capsules. The only coffees currently exempt are our limited-run Single Origins due to the limited availability of these coffees. However, if you're in the UK you can always grab a Discovery subscription, and for a fixed price, we'll send you a new delicious Single Origin coffee to try at the start of each month.


Managing your subscription

If You've signed up for a subscription after February 2024 you'll have access to our new subscription experience. To make changes to your subscription all you have to do is log in to your Allpress account and navigate to the “Subscription settings” section of the customer dashboard. From here, click the button for recent subscriptions and you'll be taken to our new management portal for subscriptions.

Your subscription dashboard

After logging into your subscription dashboard, you will be able to see a list of all your current active, paused, or canceled subscriptions. Each subscription will show you the products you are subscribed to, the total price, when your next order is due, and a range of other important information about your subscription.

You'll also notice several quick action buttons available to help you manage your subscription. The function of these buttons is outlined below.

Quick action buttons.

Skipping a delivery

The skip order button will give you options to delay your next order date. You can choose to skip a half cycle or a full cycle based on your current order frequency. Alternatively, you can also choose to gift your next order and have it sent to a different address as a one-time change.

Next order date

This button gives you management over when your next order will be billed and processed. If you need to change the day of the week your order generates, or if you'd like to bring your next order forward or push it back, you can do all of this through these settings. Any changes made here will be immediately applied.

Edit products

Tired of the current products in your subscription or want to add something new? This can be done through the Edit Products feature. This option lets you swap, remove or add new products to your subscription as well as update the quantities of the products in your current subscription.

Get now button

If you're running low on coffee and can't wait till the next cycle in your subscription, the get now button is your best friend. Hitting this button will bring your next order day forward and generate an order immediately to be processed. Orders that are brought forward will still be processed the next business day, but when it comes to coffee, its better to wait a day than a week right?

Edit frequency

If you're finding that your coffee orders are coming too frequently, or not frequently enough, hit this option to fix that. From here you'll be able to change your regular orders based on our standard available frequencies. Still can't find something that suits you? Contact our team and we can create a custom frequency for your subscription.

Cancel your subscription

We’d hate to see you go, but if you do decide that our subscription model just isn’t your cup of tea we make cancellation easy with a single button opt-out and giving you the ability to cancel at any time. Once your subscription is cancelled you will receive a confirmation email and the status will update in your management portal. If you do change your mind, canceled subscriptions can be reactivated or you can start a new subscription at any time.

Pause your subscription

Sometimes you need a break, and we get that. With an Allpress subscription, you can put your coffee orders on hold any time you need to. Pausing a subscription will freeze all future orders and any skipped subscriptions here won't count against your total deliveries for any prepaid subscription.

Merge or split a subscription

For when you might have one too many subscriptions, or if you want to receive different products at different times. Our new split and merge features will let you split an existing subscription into multiple unique subscriptions, letting you set different settings for each. Alternatively, if you find yourself with too many subscriptions these can all be merged into one with one set of rules.

If you do have orders from multiple subscriptions due on the same day, our new feature will automatically merge them into one order with a single delivery cost, to save you money, and save us boxes.

Other changes to your subscription

Outside of the Quick Action buttons, you can also manage the important details related to your subscription including your contact details, Shipping address, and Billing method. These settings are all available through Shipping and Billing settings.

Change your Shipping Address

If you need to change the contact details for your subscription, or your shipping address, this can be done by editing your shipping information. In this section, you can update the email address and phone number linked to your subscription and can update your address for future orders.

*Please also note that our policy regarding no shipping to PO boxes also applies to coffee subscriptions.

Updating your Payment Method

If your current payment method expires, or if you’d like to update your billing details, this can be done by clicking Edit next to your Billing information. We keep your payment information secure at all times, so this will trigger an email to the account registered to your subscription with a secure link to edit this information.

If you’ve had an order skipped due to a failed payment, the best thing to do is to update your card details here and then resume your subscription or update your next order date to get things going again. Feel free to also get in touch with our customer team who can help with issues related to failed payments.

Order history

The "Order History" at the top of your subscription will provide you with details on all of your past orders that have been part of your subscription. From your first order right through to your current. This is to help you keep a record should you need it. To find downloadable invoices and for a complete order history, including orders placed outside of a subscription, visit the "order history" tab in your Allpress Account.