We're celebrating Future Island's latest record – People Who Aren’t There Anymore – with a limited-run coffee and an exclusive cup & saucer!

The Allpress x Future Islands collaboration is a celebration of the synergy between coffee and music, craftsmanship and creativity. It's a testament to the idea that when like-minded entities come together, magic happens. As you sip on your fresh brew, immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Future Islands, and appreciate the seamless blend of two art forms that truly complement each other.

For those unfamiliar with Future Islands, let's take a moment to introduce this indie synth-pop band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Future Islands has been a staple on our daily playlists. The story behind the collaboration can be summed up in a simple statement: Future Islands are Allpress fans, and Allpress are Future Islands fans.

This partnership is a celebration of shared passions and a testament to the harmonious connection between art forms.

We’ve partnered with our friends at KINTO to bring you a limited edition Allpress X Future Islands cup & saucer.

The item adds sophistication to your coffee or tea experience; smooth on the ears, smooth on the tastebuds.

As their album title suggests, people may come and go; and we don’t expect this to stick around for long either! Pair it with our custom-sourced Natural Colombia - Inmaculada Fellows for a funky and colourful listening experience.

You can now shop the all-exclusive Allpress x Future Islands coffee and merch, inspired by the album online and in-store (in the UK) in very limited numbers.