Our partnerships have always been about radical innovation. Partnering with independent thinkers to drive us into a sustainable future to be enjoyed by everyone.

Born out of a desire to do good and have fun, Goodlids pride themselves on creating sustainable headwear that serves its purpose; accompanying you on your adventures in the great outdoors. Sustainability is at the core of Goodlids' design, which is why we knew they were going to be the perfect fit for us (pun intended).

We've always felt that Goodlids' designs and values align with our own. We see ourselves in their brand mission and mascot — running after their goals. Our mission is to roast coffee for the best independent cafés in the world, which — just as this version of the mascot suggests — we're chasing down, coffee in hand (with some spills at times).

We are so stoked to showcase the second edition of Allpress x Goodlids hats (Australia/New Zealand). Following our successful first collaboration in 2021, our new collab comes in two colours; Allpress Espresso & Allpress Buttermilk (Coffee and Cream, the perfect combo).  

We love Goodlids, and you will too.

Their hats and apparel are made out of hemp; an amazingly versatile material with a list of environmental benefits that goes on too long to be listed here. It’s the future of sustainable fashion. Not only is hemp better for the environment, but its breathable and anti-bacterial properties ensure that these caps wear in, they don’t wear out.

“It’s great seeing brands like Goodlids adopt sustainable materials like hemp that don’t take such large resources like water to grow”
- Liam Gubb, Allpress New Zealand Sales Manager 

Our collaboration with Goodlids reminds us of catching up with your childhood next-door neighbour. We come from the same place, share the same values and live for the simple things in life that just make sense. 

A collaboration we’re absolutely chuffed with, the Goodlids team works outside the box and strives to do the best for our planet, without sacrificing quality. 

"For me it’s about supporting local lads, looking good and feeling good. Full circle, help the planet and support local on the way!“ 
- Marcelo Camargo, Allpress Auckland Roastery 

We’re proud to partner with like-minded thinkers working together for the future of our planet. 

Head over to the Goodlids website to learn more about their team and the brands mission - to "do good, and have fun".