Coffee Breaks; Short Conversations with Big Ideas - Episode 1

In a new series, we are catching up with our customers, members of the Allpress team and industry experts to find out how the hospitality industry is navigating the challenges of Covid-19.

So many people within our community who are challenging the orthodoxies, pivoting their entire business, and adapting to this new world. Introducing coffee breaks; short conversations with big ideas. Perfect for watching while you drink your morning brew. And remember, the lines are always open so write to us with your thoughts, comments or questions and we'll get back you.

Coffee break #1 - JP Then - Owner of Crosstown Doughnuts and Slerp


In episode #1, we talked to JP Then, co-founder of pioneering London-based, Crosstown Doughnuts and co-founder of Slerp, an e-commerce platform that is helping hospitality business pivot including our London Roastery. JP shares some insights about how they have handled the past weeks and where he sees the hospitality industry going now that 'work from home' is a reality.