How to store coffee at home | Keeping it fresh for longer

Fresh coffee is best and knowing how to preserve the flavours of your coffee will make every cup worth it. 

Just like everything else in your kitchen, your coffee has a set lifespan. You’ve got a limited amount of time to experience the peak flavours and tasting notes of your favourite blend or single, so knowing how to store your coffee at home makes a world of difference.

Why is fresh-ground coffee better?  

Oxidation is working against great flavour. With every passing moment, your roasted coffee beans are exposed to more oxygen and degrade in quality over time. When we grind coffee, we open up more surface area of the beans to oxidation and speed this process up, releasing the gasses and oils inside that have been created during roasting.  

These gasses and oils account for the amazing aromas we get with a batch of freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee beans. Comparing freshly ground coffee to beans that were ground a few hours ago, the difference is stark.

How long does coffee stay fresh? 

Whole beans retain their flavour profile far longer than ground coffee (up to 3-4 weeks). As time passes, as gasses naturally release, you'll notice a loss of aroma and a dulling of the flavours when brewing. 

Ground coffee has more surface area exposed, increasing the rate of oxidation and degrading delicious flavour. You’ve got less life on ground coffee (about 1-2 weeks). With this in mind, there are a few things we can do to keep the coffee at its best for longer.  

What’s so special about coffee packaging?  

If you didn’t already know, there is A new home for your coffee than just sitting pretty on the shelf. Our Putting an end to landfill are lined with an innovative coating that keeps oxygen out of the bags and away from your coffee as efficient as metal foil or plastic. The longer the oxygen is kept away, the more flavour will be retained in the coffee you just bought. Our roasteries heat seal our 250g retail bags to ensure nothing gets in to taint the flavour of the coffee. These bags are also equipped with a one-way valve that allows excess carbon dioxide to escape the bag.  

This is all well and good until you open those bags to get stuck into your favourite brew, from there you’ll need something extra to hold on to that flavour for as long as possible.  

How to store coffee once it’s open 

Once you’ve opened a heat-sealed bag, you need an airtight container to preserve the flavour experience. Airtight containers are the most effective means of replicating our heat-sealing method at home, slowing the oxidation taking place.  

Also keep in mind that coffee is porous — it’s not only oxygen that’s being sucked in affecting flavour. Your coffee will pull in flavour from anything that’s around it, like onions in the pantry or heat on the kitchen bench. Airtight containers do the best job of insulating coffee against anything that may give you a negative experience in the cup. 

Where to Store Coffee at Home 

The best way to store your coffee is in your airtight container in the pantry.

Keeping your coffee in a cool, dry space preserves the freshness of your coffee, letting it age steadily. Exposure to light and heat makes your coffee sweat out oils which not only impacts the lifespan of the bag you’ve just bought but also affects how it tastes in the cup.

Any foreign smells, aromas, heat, sunlight or moisture will work their way into your coffee and compromise the flavour in the cup. It doesn’t matter how carefully you try to brew, if your coffee hasn’t been stored properly, it won’t bring out the best flavour.  

Is it Better to Store Coffee in the Fridge or Freezer? 

Storing coffee in the fridge is not your friend! 

While the cold is good for preserving food, cold environments dry your coffee out; removing the oils and gasses which give you delicious flavour will actually get you stale coffee quicker.

The same goes for the freezer to an extent. Storing coffee in the freezer is only suitable if you vacuum seal your coffee first and remove the oxygen from the bag before freezing. This method is only suitable for long-term storage of coffee.

Should I avoid buying pre-ground coffee?  

We always recommend buying little and often, ensuring you only get enough to last a week or two and constantly top up with a fresh roast.

Our coffee is roasted, ground, packed and dispatched the same day to ensure your coffee makes it to your door fresh. As soon as you break that bag seal though, your coffee gets hit with oxygen, moisture, CO2 depletion and potential contamination, all of which affect flavour and freshness. This is particularly noticeable with the increased surface area that comes with ground coffee.

At the end of the day, the best way to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible is to buy little amounts of fresh coffee, often and to have your airtight container ready to store your coffee in once you’ve opened the bag.