268 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Auckland 1011
New Zealand


8am — 4:30pm
Monday — Friday

8am — 4pm Saturday
9am — 3pm Sunday

The idea behind Allpress Coffee, our retail store on Ponsonby Road, is simple.

Your local bakery supplies freshly baked bread, the florist delivers beautiful flowers, the produce store has the juiciest fruit and Allpress Coffee has freshly roasted coffee, ready for you to enjoy at home or off the beaten track.

You will find an Allpress Espresso Bar within many of the communities we serve, from Christchurch in New Zealand, to Redchurch in London. Much more than just a stop for a takeaway coffee, they are spaces where we can connect with the local community and where we aim to create a welcoming work space that seamlessly combines the Allpress elements. No secrets, just us, for all to see.

Allpress Coffee is a place where tasting and discovering coffee is welcomed so choosing your coffee to brew at home becomes selective and not a guess, and where we can ignite a broader appreciation and understanding of beautiful coffee beyond the much loved espresso.

Our store customers can enjoy an expertly prepared Allpress Espresso Blend coffee or single origin filter brew. Complementing the coffee is a small selection of European inspired biscuits, prepared and baked in Biscotto Bakery the pristine white-tiled space that extends into the back half of the store.