Business Consultancy and Ongoing Support

We’ve been working with the best independent cafes for over thirty years; there’s more to our offering than just exceptional coffee. From first enquiry to multi-site expansion, you can rely on Allpress for ongoing advice and support.

Pre-opening support

Café ales rely on the design and layout of a space. Having assisted the launch of over 1000 independent cafes worldwide, our business development teams can assist in planning the layout of your café and provide advice to maximise foot traffic, create a smooth workflow and improve the experience for your customers. Our team has a wealth of experience and learnings in bringing new ideas to life and can assist new businesses taking the same journey. We can set you up with trusted industry contacts that we have worked with over the years for café supplies and can assist with recruitment, so opening day is as smooth as possible.

Machinery & Equipment Recommendations

Our in-house technicians provide expert advice on machinery and equipment best suited for your business. Tailored to your needs, we can assist with selecting machinery based on expected footfall, your staff’s experience and your space. We only recommend machinery that we’ve experienced first-hand in our own café spaces, so we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Technical Support and Training

Allpress’ ongoing support is focused on maximising the potential of your café business, with no down time or lost sales. Technical support for our customers is performed by a dedicated Allpress technician who understands the pressures of busy cafes and will work with you to ensure machinery is operating smoothly, year-round. If you’re a bit further from our teams, we have trusted third party technicians to assist with any urgent call outs until we can make it to you.

Our Barista Training is focused on building quality and consistency in your business. Our professional barista training programs are designed to develop your team and support your business as you grow.

Ordering and Supply

You’ll hear from our customer service teams every week to ensure you’ve got fresh coffee on hand when it’s needed. Our customer service teams assist with forecasting volumes and orders for the week to make sure you’re never over or understocked, so you can focus on running your business. Specialty Coffee is a product with a limited shelf life, so we roast our coffee fresh five days a week to supply our partners with the best quality, all year long.

Financial Tools for Cafes

Reliable and simple point of sales tools are crucial for successful day to day business in a café. We’ve trialed the different systems and programs, so you don’t have to. If you’re the analytical type who needs minute to minute data on sales, or just a no frills, cash up and head home café, our customer support teams are on hand to guide you to the right system for your business.

Brand Assets

People are connected to Allpress for more than just the flavour in the cup. Our blade signs, lightboxes, cups and subtle signage are a mark of quality and authenticity that are sought after by coffee drinkers. With some of the most recognised branding in the global coffee community, you can instill confidence in your coffee drinkers before they walk through the door.


Our partnerships are centered around storytelling. Our global website and café finder app anchors our content to create digital billboards and communicate the stories of our amazing café partners. When we’re able, events tell our stories in collaboration with the businesses and individuals that inspire us.

Retail and Virtual Merchandising

We have a beautiful range of retail products and accessories available that speak to our community, each with its own purpose and story within the café business. We believe that a well-curated display enhances our partner’s retail sales, generating extra income for your business.

Customers who drink in cafes regularly brew at home too. A dedicated retail display stocked with our expanding range of accessories is for those aspiring home baristas. From brew devices to ready-to-drink coffee cans, our coffee can be experienced at a customer's favourite café, through to their home kitchen.