Business Consultancy and Ongoing Support

We know what it takes to run a successful café business because we run several of our own. From our first cart in Auckland to our latest café in Tokyo, we take our own learnings in hospitality to assist you in the process.

Pre-opening support

Café sales rely on the design and layout of a space. Having assisted the launch of over 1000 independent cafés worldwide, our business development teams can assist in planning the layout of your café and provide advice to maximise foot traffic, create a smooth workflow and improve the experience for your customers. Our team has a wealth of experience and learnings in bringing new ideas to life and can assist new businesses taking the same journey. We can set you up with trusted industry contacts that we have worked with over the years for café supplies and can assist with recruitment, so opening day is as smooth as possible.

“We are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Allpress, currently planning our third café after our first two have been so successful. They always make sure we are well looked after, and their support goes a long way with running a small business.” - Bread, Espresso & - South Coast, NSW

Ordering and Supply

You’ll hear from our customer service teams every week to ensure you’ve got fresh coffee on hand when it’s needed. Our customer service teams assist with forecasting volumes and orders for the week to make sure you’re never over or understocked, so you can focus on running your business. Specialty Coffee is a product with a limited shelf life, so we roast our coffee fresh five days a week to supply our partners with the best quality, all year long.

Business Planning

Your dedicated Customer Manager will ensure your needs are covered with six-monthly business reviews to identify and act on growth opportunities, maximising your revenue.


Our Business Development team can advise on design and best practise to perfect workflow in any café. With the right systems in place and effective barista training, the morning rush will take care of itself.

Financial Tools for Cafés

Reliable and simple point-of-sales tools are crucial for successful day-to-day business in a café. We’ve trialled the different systems and programs, so you don’t have to. If you’re the analytical type who needs minute-to-minute data on sales, or just a no-frills, cash up and head home café, our customer support teams are on hand to guide you to the right system for your business.

"Changing the core aspect of your business can be very daunting. But knowing I had the experience and expertise of the highly-polished team from Allpress supporting this changeover, any apprehensions I had were quickly put to rest." - The Rookery - Waipukurau, NZ


Our partnerships are centred around storytelling. Our website, Social Media channels and Café Finder app anchors our online branding to create digital billboards and communicate the stories of our amazing café partners. When we’re able, events tell our stories in collaboration with the businesses and individuals that inspire us.

Brand Assets

People are connected to Allpress for more than just the flavour in the cup. Our blade signs, lightboxes, cups and subtle signage are a mark of quality and authenticity that are sought after by coffee drinkers. With some of the most recognised branding in the global coffee community, you can instil confidence in your coffee drinkers before they walk through the door.

Digital Content Toolkit

Designed to help your online presence stand out from the crowd. Our toolkit includes a range of high-quality videos and images, specifically created for your own usage. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your Allpress coffee offering, with beautiful and eye-catching content that will attract and engage potential customers.

Café Finder

By featuring your cafe on our online and app-based cafe finder, you can put your business in front of our network of Allpress loyalists, who are always on the lookout for great coffee and delicious food. Include photography and detailed information about your cafe, giving potential customers a taste of what they can expect when they visit you.


Gain exposure to our network of over 55,000 users and potential new customers. This is a great way to increase the exposure of your cafe and connect with our Allpress loyalist community, while showcasing your cafe to a group of coffee enthusiasts who are always looking for their next favorite spot.

Events & Brand Building 

We exist to unite independent thinkers. Be that at a surf festival, a fashion show, a concert or something in between, our team can help plan, support and execute events and ensure they go smoothly.

Retail and Merchandising

People are connected to Allpress for more than just the flavour in the cup. We have designed a successful range of Allpress branded retail items and accessories that are available for wholesale purchase and resale, each with its own purpose and story within the café business. We believe that a well-curated display enhances our partner’s retail sales, generating extra income for your business.

Retail Coffee

Range the core elements of our portfolio — coffees that complement each other and truly shine on their own.

Specialty Coffee Capsules

Our goal was simple — produce a capsule espresso as close to the café experience as possible. This is the iconic flavour of your favourite café, redesigned for home. 

RTD Coffee Range

Perfectly brewed Allpress coffee to enjoy anywhere. Whether you’re camping way off the beaten track, on the beach with friends, stuck in traffic, or on the train; these simple little cans go where cafés can't.


From Allpress branded reusable cups to our limited-run collaborations, totes, sweet treats and brand merchandise — our merchandise line-up is constantly changing.

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