​​Allpress x National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

A partnership with a world leader in the arts, you can now get your Allpress fix between exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The NGV is the southern hemisphere's most visited (and Australia's oldest) gallery, housing more than 76,000 pieces of work spanning millennia of ideas, disciplines and styles. It's the home of art in Australia and is now pouring fresh roasted Allpress throughout the gallery's spaces.

This is a partnership based on shared values; solidifying our commitment to supporting emerging and local creatives. Working together with NGV, we're here to enhance exhibitions with iconic flavour; you’ll find us brewing at NGV International’s Gallery Kitchen, Tea Room, and Garden Restaurant as well as the Atrium Café at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

NGV’s work to elevate emerging creators and disruptors of the world resonates with our entire team, so when the opportunity came along to partner up as their coffee supplier, we knew we couldn't miss it. 

In true Melbourne style, you'll find our A.R.T. Espresso Roast brewing on the machines, with our RTDs available when you need iconic flavour to go. No need to stop off before heading to see the latest exhibitions, you can get us right inside. 

For over thirty years, we’ve been roasting coffee for the best cafés in the world. Our latest partnership with NGV builds on our passion and commitment to unite independent thinkers through iconic flavour. 

Photography Credit: Holly Graham | Apartment 12