The AeroPress has always been the quiet achiever in our opinion. It's the ultimate no-fuss, go anywhere, do anything brew tool for coffee at home or on the go.

Being lightweight and easy to clean, it's the perfect travel companion; which is to be expected from a company that started out making Aerobie frisbees. The AeroPress is a very versatile brewer— depending on the recipe you’re brewing, you may have to adjust your grind size significantly.

What you'll need

  • 15g freshly ground coffee (medium-fine, we'd recommend filter)

  • 240ml hot water. 

Step One

Place one filter paper inside the brewer cap, rinse the filter with water and set aside. 

Assemble your AeroPress by placing the plunger in the brewer, flip it upside down and add coffee to the brewer.

Step Two

Add hot water (just off the boil) to the brewer and start a timer.

Stir the coffee back and forth, agitating it and ensuring all grinds are saturated evenly.

Let your AeroPress brew for 1:45 minutes.

Step Three

Screw the cap on, flip the brewer over a vessel and start pressing gently. Your extraction should take thirty seconds to one minute until all the coffee is out.


Let cool a little and enjoy!