How to Brew — AeroPress

The AeroPress has always been the quiet over-achiever in our opinion. This compact and versatile brewer is the ultimate no-fuss, go anywhere, do anything brew tool for coffee at home or on the go.

An introduction to AeroPress brewing

AeroPress brewing has captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide with its simplicity and versatility. This innovative method, developed in 2005, has swiftly become a favorite among home brewers and baristas alike, offering a quick and convenient way to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

A portable and affordable brewing method that utilizes air pressure to extract flavors from coffee grounds, the AeroPress has gained widespread popularity and continues to inspire creativity in the world of coffee brewing. Being lightweight and easy to clean, it's also the perfect travel companion for great coffee on the road.

What you’ll need to brew AeroPress

  • 15g freshly ground coffee (medium-fine, we'd recommend filter grind).

  • 240ml hot water.

  • Aeropress brewer.

  • Aeropress filter papers.

  • Your favourite mug or a vessel for your brew.

Picking the best coffee for AeroPress brewing

For AeroPress brewing, selecting the right coffee beans can elevate your brew to new heights. Opt for freshly roasted, high-quality beans with a medium grind size. Light to medium roasts tend to shine in AeroPress, preserving their delicate flavors and acidity. Single-origin beans often yield exceptional results, showcasing vibrant fruity or floral notes, but our espresso blends are just as well suited to this pressurized method. Ultimately, experimenting with different beans and your grind size will allow you to tailor your AeroPress brew to your taste preferences, ensuring a consistently satisfying cup every time.

Recommended Recipe

There’s a few ways to brew an AeroPress, but we prefer the inverted method, using a 1:16 ratio of ground coffee and water.

  • 10g medium/coarse ground

  • 160g water (just off the boil)

  • 2-3 mins

Step-by-step guide for Aeropress brewing

Step 1 - With your Aeropress inverted (it should read AeroPress top to bottom), set it on the scales and tare to zero.

Step 2 - Add your coffee and tare scales to zero.

Step 3 - Doubling the coffee dose, add 20g of water and agitate to ensure all grounds are saturated. Let bloom for 30-45s.

Step 4 - Top up the remaining water to 160g and leave to brew until you reach 2 minutes.

Step 5 - Add a paper filter to the cap and rinse. Place on top of the AeroPress and lock into place.

Step 6 - At 2 minutes, place your server on top of the cap, and carefully invert onto a flat surface.

Step 7 - Using moderate pressure, press down for 30s, stopping just above the grounds.

After your extraction is complete, serve and enjoy!

Additional Tips

  • If you are finding it difficult to plunge your Aeropress, make the grind a little coarser to reduce pressure and improve water flow through the coffee.

  • The AeroPress is a great travel companion, pick up a hang grinder as well and you’ll have everything you need for coffee on the road.

Aeropress FAQ’s

Is AeroPress coffee less acidic?

Because of the lower temperature and short brew time, the acid level of AeroPress coffee is notably lower than conventional brewers like drip coffee or French press. Coffee brewed using an AeroPress coffee maker can contains about one-fifth the acidity of these other brew methods.

Why is my AeroPress coffee bitter?

If your coffee tastes bitter you're probably over-extracting and your coffee may be ground too finely. Try grinding your coffee a bit coarser to speed up the flow of water during compression or start plunging your Aeropress earlier to reduce brew time.

How do you clean an AeroPress?

The AeroPress is self-cleaning, but additional work can be done to ensure it lasts as long as possible. This includes rinsing, soaking, and hand washing the individual components regularly. While most parts will be dishwasher safe, we recommend the above manual methods to avoid deterioration of the rubber seals.

How many cups can I make with an AeroPress?

The AeroPress Original is designed to brew 8oz of coffee using 250ml of water, enough for 1 large cup.

How do I grind coffee for AeroPress?

The AeroPress is unique in that your grind target can range anywhere from quite fine (think caster sugar or table salt) down to fairly coarse (breadcrumbs), depending on your preference.

The AeroPress is versatile and can brew with finely ground coffee, stirred, and plunged after 30-40 seconds; or with coarsely ground coffee, steeped for around 3 minutes. It really is the brewer’s choice on this one.