Whether you call it a plunger or a cafetière, one thing for sure it that everyone has one in the back of their pantry. Dust it off, grab a bag of plunger ground coffee and let Rob teach you a few extra tricks to get the best out of your plunger.

What you'll need

  • Freshly ground coffee (we use a ratio of 60g coffee to 1L of water)

  • Boiled water

  • A spoon

Step One

Add the freshly ground coffee to your pre-heated plunger.

Fill to the top with water just off the boil.

Step Two

Wait for *four minutes.

A crust of coffee should form on the surface - gently break this crust with the back of a spoon.
The coffee grinds will sink to the bottom.

Step Three

Using the spoon, remove the foam left on the surface.

Why? This foam contains lots of fine coffee grinds which ends up a sludge in the bottom of your cup. This helps create a cleaner brew.

Step Four

Gently press the plunger into the glass brewer and push down about two inches.
Why? We want all the coffee grinds to stay in the plunger - not in the cup. Pushing the plunger to the bottom muddies the brew.


Grab your favourite mug and enjoy. Tip: If you have coffee left in the plunger, decanter it into another vessel so that it won’t continue to brew.