How to Brew — Filter Coffee

A slow, gravity-driven brewing process that gently extracts nuanced flavour into your cup, filter is a unique way of experiencing specialty coffee.

We wanted to share our simple four-step guide to brewing filter coffee; an easy and delicious way to enjoy your coffee at home.

What you'll need

  • 25g (about 5tbsp) of freshly ground coffee

  • 400ml of boiled water

  • Pour over dripper

  • Filter papers

  • Your favourite mug/server

Step One

Place a paper filter in your dripper and rinse with the boiled water. This removes any papery flavour and pre-heats the server to make sure your brew tastes its best.

Give your mug/server an extra swirl to heat it up, then discard all the water that has drained through.

Step Two

Add 25g of freshly ground coffee into your dripper.

Wet the coffee evenly with 50ml of hot water and wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to ‘bloom’. This preps the coffee for brewing and ensures an even extraction.

Step Three

After 30 seconds, continue to slowly pour water directly onto the bed of coffee until you are 2cm from the top.

As the coffee brews through to the server, continue to pour slowly in small circles, covering the coffee grinds evenly. Try to keep the brew height 2cm from the top at all times until you've poured the entire 400ml of water.

This entire process should take about three and a half minutes. Avoid pouring onto the same spot, and don't let the flow of water touch the side of the paper filter where possible — this can result in channelling and a disappointing brew!

Step Four

Sip and enjoy.