Allpress Espresso Flexible Coffee Subscriptions

You've just signed up to one of our flexible coffee subscriptions. So whats next? Read on for our complete guide on everything you need to know about managing your subscription and making the most out of it to suit your coffee needs.

What are flexible coffee subscriptions?

Flexible Coffee subscriptions are our way of taking the hassle out of your regular coffee order and making sure you always have a fresh roast on hand when you need it.


Which coffees are available?

All of our core blends and crowd favourites are available on this coffee subscription model. The only coffees currently exempt are our galaxy’s due to the limited availability of these coffees.


Making changes to your subscription

When you purchase your subscription, it is important that you finish your account creation to give you access your account should you need to make any changes. When you set up your subscription we'll send you an email with a link asking you to set a password for your account. If you forget to do this at the time, contact our customer team who can help you with password resets or resending your account invitation.


Logging into & Activating your account

To log into your account visit the account section in the header menu of our web store. If you get a message that your account doesn’t exist, don’t panic, it’s probably just because you didn’t complete your setup when purchasing a subscription. Try creating an account from scratch using the same email address associated with your subscription. This should pull through all your current details and past orders. If you’re still not having much luck, contact our customer team who are happy to help out.


Managing your subscription

Once you’re in your account, you’ll have to navigate to the “Subscription settings” section of the customer dashboard. If you’re on mobile, scroll to the left in the menu bar to find this. Once here, you should be able to see a list of all your current active and paused coffee subscriptions.

Updating your next order date & frequency

At the top of the subscriptions dashboard you’ll be able to find information on what products you're currently subscribed to as well as the current delivery frequency and next order date. Both of these settings can be updated whenever you need. So if you want coffee more or less frequently, or want to change when your next order will be processed for dispatch just click to change and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Pausing & Resuming your subscription

If you’re going on holiday or just need a break from your coffee subscription, we also give you the ability to pause ongoing orders. Clicking this button will automatically pause all future orders and your subscription will remain on hold until you're ready to resume deliveries.

Change your Address and Shipping Method

If you’re moving house, or want to change where you're coffee is being sent to, you can update the delivery address for your orders under the “Address and Shipping Information" drop down. It’s important to note here that once you have updated your address you will also be asked to re-confirm your shipping method in order for changes to take effect.

*Please also note that our policy regarding no shipping to PO boxes also applies to coffee subscriptions.

Updating your Payment Method

If your current payment method expires, or if you’d like to update your card details, this can be done under the "Payment information" dropdown menu. If you’ve had an order skipped due to a failed payment the best thing to do it to update your card details here and then resume your subscription or update your next order date to get things going again. Feel free to also get in touch with our customer team who can help with issues related to failed payments.

Changing products in your subscription

To view and edit the quantity of the coffees currently in your subscription, navigate to the “Products in your subscription” drop down. From here you can see the blends you’re subscribed to and update the number of items per order. You can also use this section to swap between blends and grinds if you’d like to try a new flavour or brew method. Once you hit save on these settings you’ll also be asked to reconfirm your shipping method before changes take effect. This is to ensure that your chosen shipping method applies to the new items in your subscription.

Managing your upcoming orders

Under the “Manage upcoming orders” drop down you will be able to view, skip or edit the contents of your upcoming orders. If you decide to skip a week or that you need more or less coffee for a one off period, this is where these changes can be made. For quantity adjustments, the same double confirmation rules apply as mentioned above with product swapping and address updates.

Subscription history

The "Subscription History" dropdown menu will provide you with details on all of your past orders that have been part of your subscription. From your first order right through to your current. This is to help you keep a record should you need it. For a complete order history, including orders placed outside of subscription, visit the "order history" tab in your Allpress Account.


Cancelling your subscription

We’d hate to see you go, but if you do decide that our subscription model just isn’t your cup of tea we make cancellation easy with a single button opt out under the “Cancel Subscription” drop down giving you the ability to cancel at any time. Once your subscription is cancelled you will lose access to the subscription management portal. However, your complete order history and all invoices will still be available in the orders section of your account.