8 Drake Street, Freemans Bay
Auckland 1010
New Zealand


7am — 2:30pm
Monday — Friday

8am - 2pm
Saturday — Sunday

Our Roastery in Freemans Bay, Auckland gives you the sensation that you’re really at the beating heart of all things Allpress Espresso.

Nestled on Drake Street, just a stones throw away from Victoria Park where we opened our first Allpress Coffee Cart in 1986, Browns Mill is a perfect fusion of what we’re all about — people, flavour and innovation. It’s a piece of our history that we love to share with our community. Time spent in Browns Mill makes for a truly Allpress experience.

Our roastery is just as much our space as it is yours. Since 1986, we’ve been crafting our flavour and innovating the way we roast. Many things have changed since then but we’ve been on a constant and committed flavour journey.

We’re always striving for the ultimate espresso — inventing our own magnificent hot air roasters in the process. Our prototype sits proudly in Browns Mill, roasting six days a week and supplying beautiful coffee to the North Island of New Zealand. When you visit, ask to have a look through where our roasting magic happens.

Our hands-on approach to running our Caffetteria provides us with the toolset we need to support the various needs of our café partners. Alongside offering our signature Allpress Espresso Blend, a complete selection of our beautiful coffee blends is available at Caffetteria to take home, including our rotating Coffee Galaxy.

As you sip your brew, don’t be shy to ask our team about what lies behind the doors at Caffetteria, what that gentle humming is or where the beans lining the back wall come from. That’s our roastery; we’re proud of it and the history it holds, and we’d love to show you around.

Our commitment to people, community, creativity and coffee extends to the Allpress Studio.

Attached to our Caffetteria, the Studio is a blank canvas where designers, artists and community groups can share their work and tell their stories. From leading New Zealand artists to new emerging talent, the Allpress Studio connects visitors directly to the talent behind the work. It's a hive of creative discussion and inspiration, which we believe goes hand in hand with our coffee. The studio is ever-changing, so each time you pop by there is bound to be inspiration found from whichever designer, artist or group is exhibiting in our space. It’s all about connectivity.

Across the road from Browns Mill through the Jason Woodside mural on an unsuspecting garage door is where our technical team resides. They’re La Marzocco masters. They understand that maintaining a perfectly running espresso machine is essential for the best-tasting coffee. Running our own roastery cafés, we know that a busy café can afford no downtime. That’s why our technicians are ready at any moment to help if a machine starts to splatter, leak or hiss in an unusual way. (We’re all guilty of doing that from time to time).