8 Drake Street, Freemans Bay
Auckland 1010
New Zealand


7:00 am — 2:00 pm
Monday — Friday

Our Roastery in Freemans Bay, Auckland gives you the sensation that you’re really at the beating heart of all things Allpress Espresso.

Our home at Browns Mill in Auckland city encapsulates everything we do — the perfect fusion of people, flavour and innovation. It’s a piece of our history that we love to share with our community. Time spent in Browns Mill makes for a truly Allpress experience.

The Cafe

Our first foray into the hospitality industry was a little coffee cart down the road in Victoria Park; our Browns Mill café is the natural evolution of our humble beginnings. 

Our dedication to the perfect espresso is on show from the moment you step through the door. The beating heart of everything Allpress, we have our signature Allpress Espresso Blend on the machine, and a complete selection of our beautiful coffee range available to sample and take home, including our rotating Coffee Galaxy and limited run singles. 

The minimalist space with timber finishes & natural lighting is the perfect spot to sit in, sip your coffee and take in the sights and sounds. Plenty of seating is available inside and throughout the Studio, with some additional seating out front. The small tucked away kitchen sends out sandwiches and light lunches, with fresh pastries delivered daily to complement your morning brew. 

Allpress Studio

Our commitment to community, creativity and coffee extends to the Allpress Studio. An open space and blank canvas for artists, designers, and storytellers, established or emerging, to share their talent and inspire all of us through their creative spirit. 

From leading New Zealand artists to new emerging talent, the Allpress Studio connects visitors directly to the talent behind the work. It's a hive of creative discussion and inspiration, which we believe goes hand in hand with coffee. The studio is ever-changing, so each time you pop by there is bound to be inspiration found from whichever designer, artist or group is exhibiting in the space. It’s all about connectivity.

The Roastery

We’re always striving for the ultimate espresso — inventing our own magnificent hot air roasters in the process. Our hot air roaster prototype sits proudly in Browns Mill, roasting six days a week and supplying beautiful coffee to cafes and coffee drinkers throughout the North Island of New Zealand. 

While not visible from the caafe like some of our other locations, the Auckland roastery is a hive of activity. Here is where we receive green coffee from origin, roasting up specialty blends and single origins, cupping new coffees we receive, then bagging, boxing and shipping out fresh roasted coffee to our wholesale partners throughout the North Island. 

Since 1986, we’ve been crafting our flavour and innovating the way we do things. From our custom-built hot air roaster and cupping room designing iconic flavour to our trainers up-skilling our customers’ baristas, everything is dedicated to brewing the perfect cup. 

Training Facilities

We believe in preparing coffee beautifully, but simply. Every Allpress space has dedicated training facilities for our wholesale partners’ baristas to learn from the best, and Browns Mill is no different . A lot goes into brewing the perfect espresso, so our Trainers run practical, in-depth classes to teach espresso fundamentals as well as an understanding of what sets Allpress apart from other coffees in the industry to benefit both new and experienced baristas.

Technical Workshop

Across the road, through an unsuspecting garage door, is where our technical team resides. Our techs spend their time servicing, rebuilding and maintaining our La Marzocco fleet for our wholesale partners. They understand that maintaining a perfectly-running espresso machine is essential for the best-tasting coffee. 

Running our own roastery cafés, we know that a busy café can’t afford any downtime. Our technicians are ready to help if a machine starts to splatter, leak or hiss in an unusual way.

Roastery Tours

If you’re a wholesale partner looking to better understand everything Allpress, or a café owner thinking about using us as your coffee partner, contact our sales team for a tour of Browns Mill to discover what makes us tick. 

With flavour being our primary motivator, everything in our roastery is focused on the end cup. Come in, sample a new coffee, discover your favourite and see us do what we do best.