12 Emily Siedeberg Place, North Dunedin
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand


7:30am — 3pm
Monday — Friday

Dunedin has always had a stong café culture. We found an abandoned automotive workshop and refurbished it to create a space filled with natural light, warm timber finishes, an industrial feel and an enormous hot air roaster.

It’s in our blood to find our feet in unusual places and what might be the not-so-obvious, to us is sometimes the most obvious. Opening in 2011 our Dunedin roastery roasts coffee for cafes and customers throughout the South Island. 

The Cafe

Since the gold rush of the 19th century, Dunedin has always had a strong café culture. When we opened, we were welcomed by the local community and even now when you enter the café you’ll notice our regulars, from all aspects of Dunedin life, who seem very much at home.

Committed to brewing the finest espresso for our southern friends, we’re lucky to have a small team of passionate locals running the show from 7:30 am, Monday to Friday — good people who love good coffee.

The building itself, like others around the city, had many past lives. While the world saw an old automotive workshop, we saw a home for Allpress Espresso. Returning the building to some of its original glory was an obvious choice – what is left is a space filled with natural light, warm timber finishes, an industrial feel… and a giant Allpress Hot Air Roaster.

We’ve got our signature Allpress Espresso Blend brewing on the machine, and a complete selection of our beautiful coffee available to sample and take home. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, a full kitchen sending out light lunch options and fresh pastries delivered daily, pull up a seat and park in to watch us do what we do best. 

The Roastery

We designed our own roaster from the ground up, customised for flavour first. The result, A.R.T. — Air Roasting Technologies, sits proudly through a glass wall in our Dunedin Roastery. You can’t help but admire the simplicity of the machine — beans rotating in a stream of hot air with no risk of scorching, elevating natural sweetness to achieve the long-lasting flavour that Allpress Espresso is known for.

When you sit down to sip, you’ll see our team cupping new coffees we’ve received and roasting, bagging, boxing and shipping out fresh coffee to our customers throughout the South Island of New Zealand. 

Our roastery café in Dunedin is a place to look around, truly understand what goes into your morning cup and slow down. After all — life is never best when experienced at a frenetic pace and we believe people are always much better for taking a moment to recharge.

Barista Training

We believe in preparing coffee beautifully, but simply. 

Our Dunedin roastery has dedicated training facilities for our Trainers to run practical, in-depth workshops. Teaching espresso fundamentals, these workshops provide an understanding of what sets Allpress apart from other coffees in the industry to benefit both new and experienced baristas.

Roastery Tours

If you’re a wholesale partner looking to better understand everything Allpress, or a café owner thinking about using us as your coffee partner, contact our team to have a tour of our Dunedin roastery and discover what makes us tick. 

The Allpress Dunedin crew are genuinely invested in our coffee and our customers and have a sense of pride in their jobs. Not to mention a sense of humour, which helps.