Increase your café's revenue with retail coffee for home

We are seeing an increasing trend of consumers looking to recreate the experience of their favourite café at home – This creates an exciting retail opportunity for every café to take advantage of.

COVID forced a lot of coffee drinkers to learn how to make great coffee at home and this is a trend that has continued to grow post-pandemic. As people continue to work from home and with a boom in the espresso hobby sector, the home barista trend is one that will continue to grow and thrive.

Combined with increasing cost of living pressures and higher quality home espresso machines available at lower price-points, avid coffee drinkers' are opting for a one time investment in a home espresso station to enable them to have that second and third cups in the comfort of their home or the office.​

While this might sound like a bad sign for a hospitality operator, curating your own well-executed retail display to cater to this growing segment opens up new revenue opportunities for your business, increasing coffee sales and loyalty for your café.

Take the case of Penny & a Pickle – opening in Nov 2020, they began selling 15 kilos/week in the café. By introducing a range of Allpress retail products in a clear and visible position, they now sell 335% more retail than customers of a similar size and volume.

There are a few key things to cover when planning your retail space.


  • Hero your house blend in both beans and pre-ground options

  • Open up your range for seasonal periods with limited-run coffee and merch bundles

  • Create interest and variety in your retail range by showcasing our Single Origin Programme

  • Brew tools create "coffee-for-home" opportunities leading to regular bean purchases at your café.


  • Existing space near the coffee area that draws the eye

  • Visible when you walk in or where you wait for coffee

  • Encourage customers to explore and engage with an interactive display

  • Stock best sellers at POS

  • Consider vertical vs horizontal use of space; add pops of greenery/colour for a curated feel.


  • Simple, solid shelving with multiple products — make the space feel abundant

  • Valuable items up high

  • Core products at eye-level

  • Brew tools at mid-level

  • Price all products clearly, consistently and discreetly

  • Use wooden blocks to feature hero products

  • Rotate products with an older shelf life to the front of the display.

For more information on the retail opportunity or the Allpress range, get in touch with our customer team today.

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