Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Coffee

Where is Allpress Coffee Roasted?

All coffee at Allpress Espresso is roasted fresh and dispatched from your closest Roastery location. 

  • All coffee in New Zealand is roasted in our Auckland and Dunedin Roasteries. 

  • In Australia, we roast and ship coffee from Sydney and Melbourne

  • In Japan, all coffee is roasted at our Toyko Roastery

  • For the United Kingdom, all coffee is roasted fresh at our East London Coffee Roastery

  • We currently do not have a roastery in Singapore so if you are buying coffee in this market, it has been roasted in Melbourne and Airfreighted directly to our Singapore Support Hub for distribution.

How fresh is the coffee that I am buying?

All of our coffee is roasted, packed, and delivered fresh to ensure our customers receive the best flavour experience possible. Our Roasteries all operate on a Monday to Friday roast schedule with all online orders also fulfilled on these days. We carefully forecast and monitor demand to minimise wastage and to make sure that nobody is receiving coffee that has been sitting around for long periods of time.

Can I track down the exact date when my coffee was roasted?

While you might not always find an exact roast date printed on your bag of coffee, each of our regions has a careful system in place to record roast dates. If you have questions or would like to know more about your coffee reach out to our customer service teams and we’ll be happy to help.

UK - Roast date for retail coffee is stickered on the bottom of the bag

NZ - The roast date for retail coffee can be found stickered on the bottom of the bag

AU -  All bags are labeled based on the week that coffee has been roasted (running on a 52-week calendar year).

SG - All bags are labeled based on the week that coffee has been roasted (running on a 52-week calendar year).

How is Allpress Haus Decaf Processed?

Our decaf is processed using Swiss water processing - it's 100% chemical-free. For more information on Swiss water processing and other processing methods, visit our community.

How long will my coffee stay fresh for?

Coffee isn’t like a regular perishable product - it won’t make you sick, but you’ll notice a dulling of your favourite flavour notes over time. Whole bean coffee is always going to last longer than pre-ground, and we recommend using it within two weeks of purchasing for the best flavour results. Despite popular belief, coffee does not live in the fridge. The best place to keep yours as fresh as possible is in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

What grind do I need?

The best way to judge grind size is by brew time. If you’re brewing something where the water is in contact with the coffee for a short amount of time, like espresso, your grind needs to be fine. If you’re brewing for filter, where the brew time is 3-4 minutes, you want a medium-fine grind. If you’re steeping the coffee in water, like in a plunger, your grind needs to be coarse. For more information on achieving the perfect grind, check out our Allpress Grind Guide.

How do I choose a blend?

That depends on what flavour you like and what brew method you use.

A.R.T. is our darkest roast and is full of chocolatey rich flavours. We would usually recommend this for brew methods like moka, or espresso.

Allpress Espresso Blend is our signature blend, and what we feel a perfectly balanced espresso should be. We taste full, caramel flavours, especially with milk.

The Good Brew is our lightest and fruitiest blend, and is a staff favourite for sharing as a big pot of cafetiere on the weekend.

Our core range is designed for consistency, so our Coffee Galaxy is our place to try something new and different. All coffee’s we feature here are roasted lightly, to be brewed using slow brewing methods that allow bright and fruity flavours to shine.

Last but never least, our Haus Decaf is modelled after the Allpress Espresso Blend. We know decaf drinkers are in it for the flavour alone, so it makes sense we deliver on that.

Where can I find Allpress locally?

The easiest way to find your closest Allpress cafe or retailer use our Allpress Cafe Finder. Available on desktop as well as on the Apple and Android store, It’s a sure-fire way to locate delicious coffee wherever you are in the world.


How long does shipping take?

We operate on a next-day dispatch basis for most online orders. However, we don’t dispatch orders on weekends. If you order after 10am on a Friday, you can expect the order to be packed and dispatched on the following Monday. You will receive an email once your order leaves our roastery and from there you can expect your order within 2-5 working days. Public holidays and weekends may also delay our couriers.

Can I track my order?

Our delivery options differ around the world due to the couriers we use and the rates available to us. Our shipping options are displayed during the checkout process and we will always specify whether a service is tracked or untracked. While we know that choice is important, we always recommend that you select a tracked option for your coffee as these tend to be more reliable.

Do I need to sign for my coffee when it arrives?

Again, this option may differ based on your location and the service you select. If a signature is required by your local courier you will be given a heads up regarding this before your parcel arrives as well as the option to consent for parcels to be left in a safe place. If you do run into any issues with a missing or missed coffee delivery, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

Can I collect my online orders from an Allpress Cafe or Roastery?

Yes, some of our Allpress cafes and roasteries do offer an order for collection option where online orders can be collected from your local Allpress Cafe to save you time and money on shipping. This option is currently only available in New Zealand, Australia and the UK and generally is offered for coffee orders only. Unfortunately, we are also not currently able to offer this option for subscription orders. All details on what collect from roastery options are available in your local area will be displayed during checkout.

Does Allpress ship to PO boxes?

While we can deliver to both residential and business addresses, we currently do not ship coffee to PO boxes.

Do you ship to other countries around the world?

Currently, we only offer shipping to the following countries: New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore & Japan. However, we are occasionally able to offer exceptions for international shipping. If you live outside of these areas contact our customer service team for a quote on costs and if we can fulfill your request.

For more information on shipping, view our Shipping Policy.


General FAQ's

How do I make changes to my subscription?

All of our subscription models give you the ability to make changes to your coffee deliveries. While the available options may differ depending on your subscription, the change process is the same.

To make changes to your subscription all you have to do is log in to your Allpress account and navigate to the “Subscription settings” section of the customer dashboard. If you’re on mobile, scroll to the left in the menu bar to find this. Once here, you should be able to see a list of all your currently active and paused coffee subscriptions.

Can I set up my subscription so I can collect my orders from an Allpress Cafe or Roastery?

Unfortunately at the moment, we are unable to offer a collect from roastery option for subscription orders. However, our current fixed-term subscription models offer free shipping on all deliveries to help you save money on these orders.

Flexible Coffee Subscriptions

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a flexible subscription just navigate to the listing of the product you'd like to set up a subscription for. If this product is available on subscription as well as single orders you will see a an option under the description to “Purchase as a subscription” clicking this will present the options you have for your subscription. After selecting the options that suit you, just check out as you normally would.

How does payment and delivery work?

When you sign up for a flexible subscription your first order will be charged & processed immediately. All future orders will then be charged and processed by our roastery teams on your chosen day of the week before your coffee is dispatched. We’ll send you a notification for when you have an upcoming order and will let you know if your subscription runs into any trouble.

Which coffees are available?

All of our core blends and Specialty Capsules are available on this coffee subscription model. The only coffees currently exempt are our galaxy’s due to the limited availability of these coffees.

What changes are available for this subscription type?

Updating your next order date & frequency
At the top of the subscriptions dashboard, you’ll be able to find information on what products you're currently subscribed to, as well as the current delivery frequency and next order date. Both of these settings can be updated whenever you need. So if you want coffee more or less frequently, or want to change when your next order will be processed for dispatch, just click to change and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pausing & Resuming your subscription
If you’re going on holiday or just need a break from your coffee subscription, we also give you the ability to pause ongoing orders. Clicking this button will automatically pause all future orders and your subscription will remain on hold until you're ready to resume deliveries.

Change your Address and Shipping Method
If you’re moving house, or want to change where your coffee is being sent to, you can update the delivery address for your orders under the “Address and Shipping Information" dropdown. It’s important to note here that once you have updated your address you will also be asked to re-confirm your shipping method in order for changes to take effect.

*Please also note that our policy regarding no shipping to PO boxes also applies to coffee subscriptions.

Updating your Payment Method
If your current payment method expires, or if you’d like to update your card details, this can be done under the "Payment information" dropdown menu. If you’ve had an order skipped due to a failed payment, the best thing to do is to update your card details here and then resume your subscription or update your next order date to get things going again. Feel free to also get in touch with our customer team who can help with issues related to failed payments.

Changing products in your subscription
To view and edit the quantity of the coffees currently in your subscription, navigate to the “Products in your subscription” dropdown. From here you can see the coffees in your subscription and update the number of items per order. You can also use this section to swap between blends and grinds if you’d like to try a new flavour or brew method. Once you hit save on these settings you’ll also be asked to reconfirm your shipping method before changes take effect. This is to ensure that your chosen shipping method applies to the new items in your subscription.

Change or skip upcoming orders
Under the “Manage upcoming orders” drop-down you will be able to view, skip or edit the contents of your upcoming orders. If you decide to skip a week or that you need more or less coffee for a one-off period, this is where these changes can be made. For quantity adjustments, the same double confirmation rules apply as mentioned above with product swapping and address updates.

View subscription history
The "Subscription History" dropdown menu will provide you with details on all of your past orders that have been part of your subscription. From your first order right through to your current. This is to help you keep a record should you need it. For a complete order history, including orders placed outside of subscription, visit the "order history" tab in your Allpress Account.

Canceling your flexible subscription
We’d hate to see you go, but if you do decide that our subscription model just isn’t your cup of tea we make cancellation easy with a single button opt-out, under the “Cancel Subscription” drop-down you have the ability to cancel at any time. Once your subscription is canceled you will lose access to the subscription management portal. However, your complete order history and all invoices will still be available in the orders section of your account.

For full instructions on how to manage your Flexible coffee subscriptions, read our help guide.

Prepaid Coffee Subscriptions

How do I sign up?

All Prepaid subscription options can be found in the Coffee Subscriptions collection of our online store. This model is currently only available for customers in New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Singapore.

How does payment and delivery work?

On a Prepaid subscription, all coffee deliveries will be paid for in one charge with your first order. To keep things simple we offer free shipping on all deliveries for this subscription type. Your first order will then be processed and dispatched straight away with all subsequent orders being processed on the same day of the week that you purchased your subscription (if you placed your initial order on a Monday, all orders will be processed on Monday). From then on we’ll give you a heads up every time your next delivery is due and will let you know when your subscription is coming to an end. All you need to do is sit back and let the coffee flow in.

Which coffees are available?

As with our Flexible subscriptions, our prepaid subscription model is available for all of our core blends including Allpress Espresso Blend, A.R.T. Espresso Roast, The Good Brew, Haus Decaf, and Browns Mill Organic as well as our Specialty Coffee Capsules. Due to the limited run nature of our Galaxy Coffees, we are unable to offer these on subscription.

Office Accounts

If you have any questions about office benefits, or if you would like to know more before applying for an account, contact our team today.

Returns and Refunds

I am not satisfied with the flavor or condition my coffee has arrived in. Can I apply for a replacement or refund?

Yes. We take flavor and quality issues very seriously at Allpress and want to make sure you have the best experience possible. If you experience any issues with your order or if you think something is amiss with your coffee get in touch with our customer service team right away and we'll do our best to set things right.

I’ve just been charged for my next subscription order but I’d like to delay it. Can I do this?

Unfortunately, once you have been charged for a subscription order it can be hard for us to intercept this before it leaves our roastery. In these cases, the best thing to do is to contact our customer service team as soon as possible, and occasionally we may be able to catch and delay these.

To prevent these issues from happening, we'll always send you an upcoming order notification two days before your order is generated and charged. If you need to make changes for an upcoming order, you can log into your Allpress account to do this with all changes taking immediate effect.

For more information on returns and refunds, visit our refunds policy.