58 Epsom Road, Zetland
Sydney 2017


7:00am — 2pm
Monday — Friday

We first opened the doors to Allpress Espresso’s first Australian Roastery & Café back in 2002 in the industrial suburb of Zetland. It quickly became a must-visit destination for coffee drinkers.

Our first Australian-based hot air roaster was set up in Zetland, back in 2002. Here we host those experiencing Allpress for the first time, locals getting their daily fix, baristas up-skilling through training workshops and coffee purists exploring the world of specialty coffee. 

The Cafe

Our Sydney Café set the standard for all other Allpress spaces throughout Australia. The building itself is defined by the rich brown exterior and stylish street-level entrance. Inside the cafe is lined with beautiful wooden floors, rich timber fittings, large mirrors and the constant smell of delicious freshly roasted coffee. These design features, along with the open layout and window into the roastery created a blueprint for the signature Allpress experience now enjoyed around the world. 

Pay us a visit and you’ll find our signature Allpress Espresso Blend running through the machine for a dependable start to your day, or explore the world of specialty coffee with our rotation of single origin coffees to mix up your morning routine. Hoppers housing all five of our core blends and Single Origin coffee are proudly on display, available for brewing on the spot as a filter as well as sampling.

Behind the café, our open kitchen team works to send out fresh pastries, baked goods and light lunch options to complement the coffee offering. Keeping a simple focus on beautiful espresso, everything is about fresh flavour.

Perfect Cup Class for Home

Our Sydney Roastery also plays host to our Perfect Cup Classes. Let us guide you through everything it takes to achieve coffee perfection at home – from extracting the perfect shot to pouring silky, smooth flat whites. Grab a voucher online, book a class and take your home coffee game to the next level. 

The Roastery

Beyond the bustle of coffee and food being served, is the large operational area of the roastery. Sitting behind the back glass wall is our hot air roaster, the secret to achieving our consistently sweeter, cleaner espresso. On full display, it’s roasting up our specialty coffee five days a week.

The roastery is a live work space, so you'll see our team busy roasting, bagging, boxing and dispatching coffee orders out the door to our own cafes as well as all of our online customers and wholesale partners across New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

We keep a close eye on every single bag that leaves our roastery. With every bag being hand-sealed, we guarantee the quality; for cafés, businesses, and home customers.

Roastery Tours

Although our roastery is a busy working space, if you're interested in using us as your coffee supplier and are looking to learn a bit more first, get in touch with our sales team to organise a behind the scenes tour. These tours include a walkthrough of our roastery as well as our tech workshop, training and cupping facilities and and introduction to our local customer service team based upstairs. 

Barista Training

Like all Allpress spaces, our Sydney roastery has a dedicated training space removed from the frantic pace of the café. We use these onsite facilities for training our wholesale partners in the art of brewing espresso. Practical, in-depth classes teach the fundamentals as well as what sets Allpress apart from other coffees in the industry to benefit both new and experienced baristas.

Technical workshop

You’ll find our tech workshop upstairs on the mezzanine rebuilding, servicing and bench-testing the latest espresso machinery technology. The best-tasting espresso can only be brewed on a well-maintained machine, so our techs look after our partner’s machinery to ensure there's never any downtime, and that the coffee always tastes good. 

Come in, ask for a tour, book in a coffee workshop or just sit back and watch us do what we do best!