A sourcing partnership we're incredibly proud of. The Colombia Pescador shines as a single origin, and gives back to a proud coffee-growing community.

The Pescador Region

The Pescador station is located in the Cauca region of the Colombian Andes. Grown between 1500-1800 m.a.s.l., the volcanic soil in the region produces exceptionally well-rounded arabica coffee. 

The Pescador Group is made up of over 400 smallholder farms with a strong, traditional coffee-growing culture. These farms use very few industrial fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides to produce their coffee —  the cherries are almost all shade-grown beneath tree plantations. Cherries are pulped, washed and dried on farms and sold locally to buying stations in the area, like the Pescador station. 

The Problem

We were experiencing variable coffee quality from Colombia and we wanted to see an increase in the consistency, traceability, and overall quality of the coffee we were buying. 

As we had been working with our exporter Racafé for several years, we wanted to find a collaborative solution to sustain and strengthen our ongoing relationship rather than seeking a new partner.

The Solution

We worked closely with Racafé, and local coffee-buyer Mario Trochez, to establish an exclusive coffee for Allpress. Together, we worked on quality and traceability frameworks for the best quality coffee from the Pescador region. 

The Pescador station checks the moisture, aroma, size, defect count, and yield factor of the coffee. Prices based on quality are clearly displayed and communicated to farmers, with the highest quality coffee that meets the criteria being bought for the Pescador lot at a premium. With several buyers competing in the area, growers are free to sell to any of them but they tend to go back to Mario as he pays good prices for quality coffee, and even provides a collection service for the farmers.

Each farmer’s name, location, and quantity purchased are recorded each harvest and shared with Allpress. This traceability allows Mario and Racafe to host educational sessions for the growing community to enhance their skills and knowledge of drying and processing coffee and provide building materials and plans for the construction of 'drying tunnels’.  These tunnels are wood frame structures with plastic sheeting as walls and roofs, to protect the coffee from rain and pests. 

The result is uniform drying and better quality coffee – meaning more income for the farmer when sold to the Pescador Group.

Our Buying Model

Our customised buying arrangement in Pescador is a bespoke sourcing model that supports small growers and encourages consistency of flavour and quality through education. 

Where we use Pescador

The coffee we source from Pescador is an essential component of our Allpress Espresso Blend and A.R.T. Espresso Roast. Colombian coffees add acidity to our blends and provide balance in the form of milk chocolate and caramel sweetness.

Enjoy this single origin as a go-to, everyday filter with delicious notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, dried fruits & sweet apple. Grab a bag from our online store and select Allpress wholesalers.