80 Rupert St, Collingwood
Melbourne 3066


7:30am — 3pm
Monday — Friday

Once an abandoned warehouse, our beautiful roastery on Rupert Street is our home in Melbourne.

From the beginning, repurposing derelict buildings has always been the Allpress way and our Melbourne Roastery was no different.  The beauty of Rupert Street is it's original design was able to be fully restored and utilised. Housed under the south facing sawtooth roof is our roastery, café, offices and many tools from our technical team - an exciting, all-encompassing hub for our customers, coffee drinkers and teams in Melbourne.

Collingwood is increasingly becoming a destination café for people looking for a tasty lunch in the sun and our roastery café offers a chance for just that. It's also our only space that has a outdoor courtyard with planting designed to bring green tranquility into the urban industrial setting for you to find a quiet spot to think, relax and recharge.

We pride ourselves as espresso specialists, so stick to a simple menu of espresso based coffees. However, we welcome the time spent with customers when making a pour over or offering cold brew in the summer months. A small selection of food items makes up the canteen style menu, showcasing fresh seasonal ingredients. 

In our ongoing quest for the perfect cup, we’ve learnt that every quality bean has promise and it’s the roast method that truly delivers on a beans potential. We took the aspiration for roasting perfection the next level in Melbourne and built ART II, our second Hot Air Roaster, from the ground up. The benefits of Allpress Hot Air Roast Method are in the cup – it elevates natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and gives the lasting flavour Allpress Espresso is known for.

Glass windows separate office space from roasting space; and cupping room from barista training room leaving sight lines open from the Roastery Café to reveal this work zone from where fresh coffee is supplied to local cafes.

Our Melbourne Roastery is a place where we invite you to learn more about coffee, about how to brew coffee, and where you can learn first-hand the Allpress difference.