80 Rupert St, Collingwood
Melbourne 3066


7:30am — 2:30pm
Monday — Friday

This is our space in Melbourne to foster human connection and inspire creativity; roasting coffee for both our wholesale partners and coffee lovers alike.

Our Collingwood roastery is the home of our specialty coffee. In 2008, we transformed a formerly abandoned warehouse into a space for coffee lovers to experience Allpress firsthand, providing a beautiful inner-city escape for locals to enjoy. 

The Cafe

From the beginning, repurposing derelict buildings has always been the Allpress way and our Melbourne Roastery was no different.  Once an abandoned warehouse, our beautiful roastery on Rupert Street was able to be fully restored and utilised. 

Following the Allpress blueprint, the space is complete with timber finishes, natural lighting, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and an unwavering focus on coffee; everything about our Collingwood roastery is authentically Allpress.  Housed under the south-facing sawtooth roof is our roastery, café, offices and many tools from our technical team — an exciting, all-encompassing hub for our customers, coffee drinkers and teams in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves as espresso specialists and stick to a simple menu of espresso-based coffees. You’ll find our A.R.T. Espresso Roast brewing on the machine with a rotation of single origin coffees available to mix up your morning routine. A small selection of food items makes up the canteen-style menu, showcasing fresh seasonal ingredients.

Collingwood is increasingly becoming a destination café for people looking for a tasty lunch in the sun and our roastery café offers a chance for just that; bringing green tranquillity into the urban industrial setting for you to find a quiet spot to think, relax and recharge.

Perfect Cup for Home Classes

Collingwood also plays host to our Perfect Cup Classes for home in Melbourne. Purchase a voucher online, book a class and let us guide you through everything it takes to achieve coffee perfection at home – from extracting the perfect espresso to pouring silky, smooth milk.

The Roastery

We took the aspiration for roasting perfection to the next level in Melbourne and built A.R.T. II, our second Hot Air Roaster, from the ground up. The benefits of the Allpress Hot Air Roast Method are in the cup — it elevates natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste and gives the lasting flavour that our specialty coffee range is known for.

Glass windows separate office space from the roasting space; and the cupping room from the barista training room, leaving sight lines open from the Café to the roastery in order to reveal this live work zone from where our coffee is roasted, bagged, boxed and dispatched to to local cafes and online customers.

Barista Training

Next to the café, through the glass wall, we have our dedicated training facilities where baristas learn from the best. We believe in preparing coffee beautifully, but simply and our expert trainers run practical, in-depth classes to teach espresso fundamentals as well as an understanding of what sets Allpress apart from other coffees in the industry to benefit both new and experienced baristas.

Technical Workshop

You’ll find our workshop by the roaster, where our techs rebuild, service and bench-test the latest espresso machinery technology. The best-tasting espresso can only be brewed on a well-maintained machine, so our techs look after our partner’s machinery to ensure there's never any downtime, and that the coffee always tastes good. 

Roastery Tours

If you’re a current partner of ours, looking to better understand everything Allpress, or a café owner thinking about using us as your coffee supplier, contact our team to organise a tour of our Collingwood roastery and discover what makes us tick. 

Flavour drives each and every one of our decisions, to create a reliable morning ritual through innovation and radical thinking, and Collingwood is the place to see it in action. Supplying our wholesale partners throughout Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Singapore, everywhere you look, you’ll see our obsession with specialty coffee on full display.