The signature flavour of your favourite café, now in a can.

A few years ago we set out on a mission to can the flavour loved by our café partners and coffee drinkers around the world.

After years in development, we’ve finally cracked it. A range of canned coffee for a true café-quality flavour experience – Black, Latte and Mocha.

A new way to takeaway.

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Find us in fridges across Australia

And fridges in New Zealand too

Experience the perfect, consistent flavour of café-quality coffee anytime, anywhere. Since 1989, we've made it our mission to deliver the most delicious and reliable coffee experience, and now we're bringing it to the world in a convenient, repeatable format. 

From cup to can

Over the past 35 years, we've fine-tuned our roasting techniques and perfected our café offering. But we knew that creating a canned coffee with that same flavour experience would be a real challenge. So we put in years of research and development to find the perfect way to brew and can our coffee. 

What sets us apart 

It starts with the same quality beans we use for our cafés – Fazenda Terra Rica and Fazenda Conquista, both from Brazil. These beans have a rich and complex flavour profile with notes of caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate, balanced with a subtle acidity and a clean aftertaste. 

Our canned coffee goes beyond just using exceptional coffee. We also wanted to create a dairy coffee range that would stay fresh and delicious without refrigeration. That's where our partnership with Asahi's technical team came in. They helped us create an ambient dairy product that can sit on the shelf, before being chilled and enjoyed – something not many dairy coffee cans do.

Why ours taste better

With the same quality coffee used by our café partners elevating the flavour experience, we've crafted the most convenient option for a quick and delicious for when you can't make it to your favourite café.

Learn more about our journey to craft the perfect canned coffee here. 

  • Specialty grade Brazilian single-origin coffee

  • Double shot strength

  • 18-month shelf-life

  • Clean ingredients

  • 240ml/8oz size

For when you can't make it to your favourite café

Available in Allpress supplied cafés, major supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores across Australia and New Zealand.