Stovetop is a delicate way of brewing but when you’ve mastered it, it yields delicious results that’ll have you coming back every day! Enjoy!

What you'll need

  • Stovetop Brewer

  • Freshly ground coffee (medium to fine grind, or close to filter)

  • Hot water

Step One

Fill the base of the stovetop brewer with cold water; just under the pressure valve.

Step Two

Fill the basket with freshly ground coffee* and tap your finger on the side of the funnel to let it settle.

No tamping required.

Place the brew basket into the bottom chamber.

*Add a little more coffee for a stronger flavour, if it tastes bitter use less or try a coarser grind.

Step Three

Tightly screw the base and top section together.

Place the stovetop onto a heat source. Full heat for electric. If it’s gas, make sure the flames aren’t lapping up the side of the brewer.

Step Four

The coffee will begin to extract and start to fill the top chamber.

Top tip: as the water level drops listen for a spluttering sound and remove from the heat immediately. This will be the difference between an average brew and a delicious one!

Serve in your favourite cup and enjoy.