We’ve been committed to delivering our flavour promise for over thirty years. We know coffee drinkers love trying unique, vibrant coffees as espresso, so with our latest single origin coffee — the exceptional Ethiopia Gersi — we’ve roasted separate batches to get the very best flavour out of it. One designed for espresso, one designed for filter.

Our rotating single origins have historically been roasted for alternative brew methods. They're roasted light, enhancing softer flavours that shine through gentle brewers like pour-over, AeroPress or plunger. 

This roasting approach limits the ability to brew espresso, which slams intense pressure against the coffee. If the coffee isn’t roasted (and prepared) for it, the flavours you get in the cup won't be the same as the ones written on the bag. 

We want to encourage as many people as possible to explore the world of specialty coffee, experiencing coffees designed to taste phenomenal as espresso. Roasting our Ethiopia Gersi for espresso means we roast slightly darker than the filter profile,  optimising it for espresso extraction. 

The filter profile has aromatic notes of chocolate, rosewater and jasmine, get your hands on it here and try a 70g/1L recipe. The espresso roast has juicier strawberry, chocolate and jasmine notes — perfect as an espresso or long black made up following an 18.5g / 40g / 26s recipe. Grab a bag here.