Coffee Sourcing

Sourcing coffee with the right qualities is an essential part of who we are. Our relationships at origin help us source coffee we are proud of; coffee that is ethical, traceable, and tastes remarkable. This is what we look for in a sourcing relationship.

Specialty-Grade Flavour

We started sourcing from origin in 2001 because we couldn't find the flavour and quality we were after locally. We only source specialty-grade coffee for our blends and single origins, at least 83 points or above on the SCA scale. Sourcing specialty coffee from origin means we get exclusive access to coffee that matches the flavour profiles of our coffee blends. 

Long-Term Partnerships

Our long-term partnerships at origin help us source the coffee we need to deliver our iconic flavour, quality and consistency every day. We source this way for two reasons. The producer gets financial security for the coming harvest, allowing them to invest in their business and improve the quality of their coffee. In turn, we get the quality and consistency we need to deliver on our flavour promise every day. We’re very proud that we’ve been nurturing partnerships at origin for a long time, some for over 15 years.

Traceability and Ethics

We only source coffee through ethical suppliers and producers. (See a full list here.) We regularly visit our partners at origin to strengthen our relationships across the supply chain. These trips also allow us to see what economic, social or environmental initiatives are in place, and work with our partners to support projects that will have a direct impact.

Want to learn more about how we source coffee? Read our Sourcing FAQs.