The Iconic Allpress Espresso Flavour

The Allpress flavour is among the most reliable and dependable that you can find in a café and is found in some of the best independent cafes around the world.

Iconic Flavour doesn’t happen by accident. What started as a small coffee cart in 1980s Auckland has grown to shape the morning ritual of people around the globe. For the past thirty years we’ve pursued excellence, and we’ve landed on something that we think is the best specialty coffee for cafes.

Iconic Flavour at Allpress is a combination of our sourcing, blending and the science and craft of coffee roasting. Thirty years of roasting specialty coffee gives us the skills, experience and know-how to roast for the perfect cup, every time.

Sourcing Expertise

We’ve formed direct relationships with many of our long-term coffee producers and have witnessed first-hand the pride they have in growing specialty coffee for a premium coffee roaster.

We look for more than just delicious flavour & quality when it comes to sourcing our coffee. Sustainable and ethical sourcing of coffee has always been important at Allpress. We are committed to paying small farmers a premium for specialty coffee to ensure farms reap the benefits of the beautiful coffee they produce. We want to make sure they have the means to continue producing phenomenal flavour for years to come.

Hot Air Roasted for Superior Flavour

Iconic Flavour is achieved through Hot Air Roasting. Different to traditional roasting methods; when you Hot Air Roast, aromatics are enhanced in the cup and the result is a more consistent roast with sweeter, cleaner flavour. Consistently delicious specialty coffee enhances everything about a café's offering.

A Considered Coffee Range for Every Café

Our considered range of Blends are built for familiarity and consistency, with a regular rotation of Single Origin coffees in Our Coffee Galaxy for flavour exploration. Our five core blends are made up of carefully selected origins and flavours to provide a range to suit all cafes, tastes and preferences. Whether you’re after a sweet, balanced and complex people pleaser; or something big, fat and chocolatey for the traditionalists, we’ve got something for everyone.

Quality Control and Flavour Development

Seasonal changes and external impacts on coffee production mean we’re constantly tweaking our blends to maintain our flavour profiles week in and week out. Updating the make-up of our blends and our considered compostable packaging enables our coffee to maintain freshness and flavour consistency during travel, wherever you’re brewing. We love exploring new ways for coffee enthusiasts to experience the Allpress flavour with new product development, while always staying true to the simplicity and consistency that we're known for.

Training and Support

Effective Barista Training is the key to consistency and an essential tool to take any café to the next level; and we just so happen to have the best Training teams in-house. Iconic Flavour is only achievable through skilled preparation, which is why we have dedicated trainers to provide baristas with the knowledge and confidence for working in a busy café.

Roasted Fresh; Delivered Fresh

Allpress coffee is roasted daily and delivered fresh to thousands of independent cafes; all so we can deliver on our promise of Iconic Flavour. Fresh roasted coffee is important when brewing the best espresso, so you’ll find us roasting in Auckland, Dunedin, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and London to support our café partners globally.

Allpress has always been about flavour. Great flavour is the constant in successful cafes, providing customers looking for consistent flavour a reason to keep coming back.

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